How to Break in a Baseball Glove like a Professional

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Learn here how I break in my gloves. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Give it a shot, I truly believe your gloves will have a longer life..Thanks guys! LET’S GET IT


Mustard Man says:

Rawlings is better than Wilson

Gloves and Bats020 says:

Great content dude I’m a big baseball fan thanks for the tips!

Flips 15 says:

why would you not youse thata2000

Rad-Dad says:

Good tips on flaring and keeping the glove open. Use Rawlings oil and beat the snot out of my 7 year olds new glove so he can now close it easily. Will flare it and leave open. Thanks

julian peyton says:

I’m a huge Rawlings guy but I can appreciate good leather when I see it. Nice a200! Keep up the good work on and off the field!

Thomas Galusha says:

After a couple of years of actually use every glove will pancake and your “baby” was pancaked

Michael Hall says:

I like the brand mizuno for my gloves

Kevin Sudaria says:

great vid and info

dustin williams says:

2 in the pink baby

EddiO_o Montage says:

Your so funny and my fav youtuber

Thomas Botts says:

As a catcher in the world baseball league, Indy ball, I only play catch with it and shape it.

Isaiah Ramirez says:

great vid man

Gunner Burns says:

The hot water treatment is the best way to break one in you should go check mine out on Instagram @trademark_gloves

Ramon Toyens says:

Show gloves collection

Garret Ginner Fan says:

your gloves have gender?

Brian Kisselman says:


Thomas Botts says:

I also go through a glove a year because of the catching. But all star is the best catcher glove in my opinion.

Matteo Darcy says:

Why does your hand stick so much out of the glove

Ryan Rodriguez says:

You should’ve showed the a2k more ):


Does this work for a catchers mitt

Bryce says:

How do you only have 1k you should have way more

Jayson Garcia says:

I like it pretty simple and to the point

Jackson Chirello says:

Orrrrrrr, you could just play catch like a normal person and not ruin a perfectly good glove

Zach Javier says:

I love the 1786 that you only played catch with twice. She is a beauty.

Luis El_menor says:

Dude I thought it was Jacob deGrom lol really like the vid just bought my son a 1st basemen mitt help me alot to break it in

Speed Rich says:

I like the old school mentality. Playing catch always worked for me. I’m a mizuno guy tho when it comes to gloves

Joey Polidano says:

Hey man, 
I’m from Australia and I’ve been watching your vids for awhile. I was on your insta the other day and noticed that you play for Canberra. It’s so cool that you play in the ABL.

Curt Reuscher says:

Do you prefer Wilson Super Skin or the all leather

Gunner Burns says:

And I’d recommend nokona glove conditioner or Wilson mink oil instead of the Vaseline it will last longer and soak in better

Jacob Hanukayev says:

I wonder how many times he said flare.

Jack Stayte says:

Where’s the nokona tho?

Rivrat says:

20k!!! You guys are videos soon!

Fernando Ferrer says:

Hi can I have a a glove?Please I beg

orlando robles-cruz says:

The mistake I made is steam it and the color faded away

Denae Moore says:

Thank you

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