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You guys know me on instagram as @Coachellagloves. This vlog was of my Saturday with some of my friends, and the break in process of my Kris Bryant glove.


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Baller E.D says:

How do you properly flare a baseball glove. Nice vid just got a new sub

confused nigga says:

Cathedral high I played u guys before

Multi Gaming says:

It helped me for my new a2000

ron tsur says:

I know it doesn’t matter but what size glove was it.

griffin baker says:

Dang thought I was watching baseballpro16

Tim Thompson says:

What happened to you?:(

b b says:

Speak up because I can’t hear a thing

kipi sports says:

Hi there jaxon gloves I’m a HUGE fan I’m currently trying to start my own business and YouTube channel! I would love a shoutout from you it would help a lot. Anyway KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Sebastien Cocon says:

Make more videos

Jay Bohner says:

I’d just hire someone to do shifts lol

Landon Jordan says:

How much for the glove?

cm6 says:

Did you do anything else to the glove while breaking it in like water treatment or oil?

Kasen Bailey says:

Do more vlogs

Michael Ruiz says:

do you recommend using an kind of oil or cream to break a glove in?

EasternA’s 2000 says:

Rich kid

Mauricio Reyes says:

I follow ur insta Coachellagloves

ItsRobertV.-_- says:

I wish my high school looked like that

ツ19ɢʙ says:

How much was this glove?

EasternA’s 2000 says:

Do you put 2 in the pinkie

Zach Wawro says:

Throw some music on those driving clips, it’s a bit of an awkward silence

Joe Aleman says:

How much for the Cowboy glove

SDballgear says:

4s fields like a wounded deer

Tate Blasi says:

Do you live by yourself?

Consular_Rhukaan says:

Dared Jeder.

MBK_ Byonic says:

Nice video saved me from using a old broken in glove this year might be way to late for you to see this

Jacob Cobb says:

Just ordered that glove. How do you like it so far?

Logan Spaulding says:

Can you make a video on how to replace your regular labels with gold ones? I got a pair of gold labels but I’m clueless on what to do and use


Where have the videos gone ?

Lost World says:

Can u do a video on how to shape and flex the gloves

Mason is cool says:

Where you at let’s get some morevids

kayden brown says:

abahahhahahah ” darred jetter”

chile 47 says:

The guy playing catch with you was throwing harder than you and he threw under hand lol. You ain’t that good buddy

Michael Clapprood_21 says:

Yo Jaxon Gloves did u get that Rawlings bag with the glove

Hunter Wells says:

Hey Jason what glove is that and what size is it

Geoff Delgrosso says:

Make a video on how to break in a rawlings

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