I Bought My Brother A BRAND NEW Wilson A2K For Christmas!

He loved it


baseballpro17 baseball says:

plz make more vids

Logan 3_10 says:

Bro I got a kris Bryant pro preferred for Christmas what leather treatment should I get so it doesn’t stain it

gv the og says:

the color is called copper. it is new to the 2018 line

Tommy John says:

That’s nice!

Nolan McLeod says:

I live in Duluth and it’s -45 windchill today

Parker Vaughn says:

Do videos with this glove!

Evan Chu says:

sandy tan and blonde of course

Thomas Galusha says:

The new leather color is copper

Gloves and Bats020 says:

I got a 1786 for Christmas also

MLG KRAZ says:

i got a a2k but it says di88 on it and aks japan. does anyone know what di88 means

Nico Garcia says:

Do an updated glove collection

BobbyD says:

idk if the colors off on the video but i think that is a oiled chestnut color.

janice fisher says:

baseball pro 16 can i have your a2k Datdude or 40 buks

Nick Milstead says:


William Maxwell says:

It’s copper

Devin Huwig says:

do an updated glove collection

Jacob Blankenship says:

Can you please show us how you break in your gloves, I have a brand new A2k dp15 that I just got for Christmas and I need some help on getting the right break points and stuff

JacobDoesLife says:

Copper and blonde

ZD Baseball says:

Hey can you do more videos with the glove prices

Clint Root says:

Hey love the videos can you do a break in video

CadenTheDude 44 says:

Does Dicks have a lot of Wilson gloves?

Gabriel Guerrero says:

$400 on a baseball glove? Does it catch baseballs by itself?

Justin Walker says:

You should make updates nd break it in

BDGaming says:

Who spends 400$ on christmas for his brother?? You gotta be bro of the year daamn

Geo B says:

Dude i live in Minnesota too

Max Romano says:

Colorway is cooper and blonde

Viktor says:

You scammed him too?

RedTag Rob56 says:

Did u ask the sporting goods store if u could pay them in 6wks? U should do less videos, YouTube is so much better without ur pollution

R Webs says:

Review all your gloves

BARRIE H says:

Im thinking of buying a brand new baseball glove for the season and im not sure whats hot for baseball gloves right now any tips

Roman N Mafua Let’s Plays And And Seasonal Dessert says:

The dat dude would have been nice and flashy

Jack fitzgerald says:

Baseballpro16 what do you think of the Rawlings pro preferred wing tip

RedRoses- says:

I got that glove for Christmas

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