New Baseball Glove

Fall Break is here. Mason is shocked by a new baseball glove, we do some projects around the house, and Mason practices hard to prepare for upcoming tournaments.

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Mo Bamba says:

great video a good website is baseball express

Victoria Penney says:

We don’t get a fall break in Florida.

Andy A Hernandez says:

Arizona State Fair

Shadow YT Gaming says:

Hey bevos did mason get black ops 4 because I heard Tiffany say in the vlog he got it but I didn’t see it in the vlog

TSM_ CADEN says:

I love the intro

CSM_DatDude says:


Aedan Allison says:

Sorry I haven’t been able watch videos lately. been really busy with school, baseball, and football.but I see you guys are still on that grind

RCBulldogs23 says:

I only play outfield and All of the outfielders on my team (including myself)use a infield glove and it works just fine

Eli Abril says:


Steve Fleisher says:

Mason Bevo Have To Wear His WIte Socks White Underwear Nike Sportswear Pants Or Basketball Shorts His Slip Sneakers on His Freet In The Family House?

TSR_RyanWana says:

I am so happy y’all liked my comment I have been watching y’all for ages y’all are awesome keep doing what you do @Thebevos

River Morris says:

I got my glove from just ball gloves

Spencer Zeller says:

“Arizona” Cardinals Game

Misha_PlaysBaseball says:

I only have three school breaks the whole year. Thanksgiving break which is 5 days including weekend. Winter or Christmas break which is around 10 days including the weekend, and lastly the SPring BReak which is a whole week.

Eli Abril says:

You should have recorded the game vs the warriors even though you lost

GGeaRR says:

I wish I had fall break

The Wizard says:

You guys are going to Coyotes game

My guess

Emily Goglia says:

I’m hoping for the Red Sox to win the World Series

Jacob Challender says:

I’ve been so busy and this is the first time I’ve got to watch y’all for a month

the hogans vlogs says:

How much skins does mason have ps can we watch him play fornite

swingnation baseball/softball says:

No fall break since I moved away from Tucson

Will Cozart says:

I love fall break! The one in my dreams

JJ White_2 says:

What’s Masons walk up song????

RCBulldogs23 says:

The only fall break I have is the day we have off after Halloween

Sally Wilson says:

P s in thinking the place is as or Arizona mills mall

Weston Burney says:

Gg on the Panthers vs eagles

Jce Vids. says:

Spoiled question mark?????

Jed Dorney says:

What s fall break

Peepe suck2 says:

Great potential

Christian Alanis says:

Arizona state fair

Shanilla Ice says:

It’s so cold in England like 41 degrees wish we had 64 degree heat. Sending all your family love.

Isaac Hernandez says:

Man he’s lucky I get a new glove once it is torn he gets one like every year or once every 6 months

Helena Ingram says:

Don’t feel bad… I live in Charleston SC and it was only 64 and some slight wind, and I was wearing a hoodie and jeans and I was still cold. So I totally get it!!

Sally Wilson says:

Hey loving that new glove good luck with it catch a lot of fly balls with it live. Meant love center and left field also pitched when I played college and city softball your beans looked like asparagus see u in next video nice to see b r y c e in vlog with mason

TerrellSeattle says:

Which glove did he get?

Baseball 101 says:

I wish I had fall break lucky

Dawson Hall says:

It’s cool he got a new glove. I just got the Demarini CF Zen today

Dillon Riedmiller says:

You should’ve gotten an A2K or an A2000.

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