Overview of all 44 Pro Gloves models!

Sorry for the low quality vid I just wanted to get a base video out there. More comprehensive pattern reviews in the future.







HMJG19 says:

I need that first base glove my glove single post web broke

Matt The Gucci-est one says:

Is the 574 a good glove for slow pitch softball

Jose Ramirez says:

Overall what do you think… which glove is the best? High quality leather, and a long lasting glove, please let me know Christmas is here and I need to buy myself a glove lol. Thankyou if you respond!!

Pro ball Gloves says:

I need to win that first base glove

Ryan Novakowski says:


Ryan Eastham says:

Do a video on the webs you should use per position! Great videos and just ordered a sick 44 pro custom signature model.

jordan zuvich says:

First,, my 44 is in the stitching stage can’t wait for it to get here

Im Curfys says:

My 44 needs padding on the fingers and stuff it’s a outfield mit do you know what processes happen next

Logan Martin says:

Since you have all those gloves, you could do a “Glove of the Week” vid where you make a 2-3 minute video once a week for a year maybe?!?

Noah Thomas says:

do you have any pro 44 catchers mitts if so would you recommend them to a jv catcher?

Brennan Hill says:

Benny is so underrated. Favorite you tuber

African Korean Man says:

Do you think the snakeskin leather has the same durability as the regular leather?

Mike Rivera says:

Hey bro do you have any stores where I can just go buy a glove?

Kam John says:

What’s the difference between classic and signature

Dylan Saciuk says:

44 pro catchers glove

delcy28 says:

this one cleared up some of the questions i had about the different models. thanks.

Danny Kass says:

Excellent video. Does the 574 have that nice bowl shape like the Rawlings 200 models?

Michael King says:

Nice vid. You should try to do a similar video with how each model plays for softball. How wide, pocket depth, etc. Maybe compare how a pocket forms for different models of 12.5″ gloves. Curious how a bigger JP11 would play for softball.

AB Gloves says:

My 44 will be here in about 12 days!

AJ Moran says:

You the real MVP for making it that early

Gloves Fanatic1 says:

Two things, im gonna miss the halloween sale so do you know of any future ones and two is what could you compare the c2 model to

sabastian williams says:

I ordered my 44 in 2015 and I got the jp11 pattern specs on mine? Why is that

Billy says:

I got the white on orange glove still needs work after 1 month still stiff. GLOVE MAKING PERFECTION!!!

kaden anderson says:

i need that 44 first base mit

Sean Pratley says:

So I have been look at 44 pro and have been fooling around with the pro 44 model and was wondering what dual welting does for the glove. Or if it mainly cosmetic. This is the first vid I watched and I like what I saw. New sub here

ZD Baseball says:

Hey are the 44pro gloves comparible to rawlings or wilson in sizing

Mike Rivera says:

Hey I have another question about the gloves. Does the snakeskin tear easily say if you dive for a ball.

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