Pro Issue Wilson a2000 Infielder Training Glove Review

This is a review on my Wilson a2000 pro issue infielder training glove.


WilsonGloveDude says:

Don’t want to sell it but thanks for asking

Ali Shull says:

Where do you get your gloves?

ethan perrier says:

How do you get your glove of the month?

G Thorn says:

Do you still have it..looking for a stiffer glove than my small 7 yr. old can handle

James soften says:

Where did you get this and how much

WilsonGloveDude says:

They both have the same web but it wouldn’t work because the top part of the web on the first base mitt extends wide on both sides so it wouldn’t work with the ELO

Eddie Magi says:

do you still have this? Very cool glove and I’m very interested so if it is for sale please let me know

Jean Cotto says:

I would like to buy that glove as it can get

Andrew Petersen says:

Hey, inbox me? I have a couple questions!

DatDudeSean13 says:

Nice glove

WilsonGloveDude says:

Yeah, I agree!

Krauseaz says:

Hi. I have a glove like this that needs a relacing. I’m not 100% on the pattern. On the fingers. If you could take a few pics I’d appreciate it

baseballkid423 says:

Looks like a mini EL3

WilsonGloveDude says:

I got it off ebay a few months ago but I can’t remember how much I paid for it

DatDudeSean13 says:

Super cool glove

Jackson Lyon says:

where did you get it

James soften says:

Ok thanks

Jordan Landman says:

are u selling it

jonah leibman says:

How much for this

Jacob Loughman says:

A2000 for little pups that will fit them

MBaseball24Seven says:

This is sick ive wanted one of these or the longest time

Sean Smyth says:

asking a question here a few weeks back I got a elo a2000 12 3/4 with a post web could I swap webs with a first base mitt post web just asking ?

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks man

DJ Nakashima says:

would you consider selling the training glove

francesco santa says:

How.did u get that dude?

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