Rawlings and Nokona glove review

Review of two baseball gloves: Rawlings Heart of the Hide PRO1MTC 11.5″ & Nokona Bloodline AMGFB 12.5″


Bradley Nance says:

How much would you sell the rawlings heart of the hide?

CobysBest says:

what collage do u play for?

grich277 says:

u can tighten the web stupid. look up nokona bloodline web in the youtube search bar.

Patrick McFlynn says:

you probably suck at baseball

Taylor McCloud says:

I love the Sox but hate the Giants, you could probably guess which football team I like…

Chicagoballer100 says:

can you do an update video on the HOH?

Daniel Mejia says:

Utley using the trapeze

grich277 says:

u said in the video that there is no real way to tighten it

Tyler Dunlea says:

@Chicagoballer100 yeah after a ful season of use

Bassfishingswag says:

I hate the mesh on the heart of the hides, it makes them look cheap

Alex Urban says:

How many inches is the Rawlings Heart Of The Hide?

Jake Bohan says:

Hey man how much are you willing to sell that Rawlings for??

Borderline Baseball says:

200.00 your smoking weed man

EHMSL1226 says:

Is this horween leather?

Tyler Dunlea says:

if it is it doesnt say on the glove, all it says is U.S. steerhide, but for some reason i think it is

Sergeant Major Gray says:

You said you hope it’s not fake leather on the the nokona even 100$ don’t have fake leather

Tyler Dunlea says:

im looking to sell one or both of these

Ron Glancy says:

A first base mitt should have a deep pocket because you catch more than you field ground balls.

Taylor McCloud says:

You have a Red Sox and Giants signs where you are. Huh?? lol

Steve James says:

how much is the heart of the hide?

Tyler Dunlea says:

haha u read correctly, i love them both til the day i die

Storm Hierholzer says:

Still have the heart of the hide? Can we have an update if you do?

Tyler Dunlea says:

@XxDudemeister22xX thanks bruddah, and yeah it will be after this summer though, once the glove has been used a full season

vincent phillips phillips says:

finaly someone knows how to shape a glove

JoJo Gray says:

Hows the Rawlings holding up?

This is Nick says:

Most 1st basemen gloves have H-webs

MattFromWork says:

Im with u on the mesh. I hate that shit.

Tyler Dunlea says:

@bballboy121693 play catch as much as possible, i used rawlings glove oil when i first got it, but only used it in the palm, havent used any since.

Houston Baseball Pro says:

check out the insignia glove I relaced… let me know

Andrew Petersen says:

trade either of these?

Tyler Dunlea says:

@2soccerstars i bet its awesome

Alex Appel says:

Great Review!

Wahi' Natives says:

I’m interested in a Nokona first base mitt, but you are giving dual comments about the same topic. At 6:00 or so, you mention the pocket is too big after two years of use, and that it cannot be tightened. Then you mentioned a few moments later that it is an “awkward” way to tighten…so, can it be tightened with more effort or not? If so, then the life will be prolonged…Wahi’

AJ Sankal says:

How much do u want for the nokona

Tyler Dunlea says:

@drboi911 soon haha just D3 im a freshman

Tyler Dunlea says:

@grich277 wait I’m stupid cuz i didnt have to look up how to tighten my glove on youtube like you did? lol never said u cant tighten just said its a bad lacing system

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