Rawlings Gold Glove Elite Review-Best Glove For $130?


Sweggy Pete says:

was this done in natural light?

Robert Dunlap says:

It says 11 1/4 but plays like 11 3/4

Daniel Morales says:

How do you break in your gloves?

Nick Crum says:

What happened to this new funny series? Lol sack of shit

jacob .s says:

Who the fuck buys a glove and only uses it for catch and practice?

BackWoodZ says:

do you have any gloves for sale or trade

DotDotSmile JJ Style says:

you should do videos with your brother

Pumagolvedude says:

Nice glove

oDarlyyyn says:

What did you do to the wrist part did you tighten it?

Nd0 Gloves says:

Check out our gloves!

holemilk boy says:

talk softer your to loud

Crossover Kicks says:

the rant is probably about people asking for free stuff

Louie Zitofsky says:

all the gg gammers and gg eliets i see are $100

Riles J3 says:

For the people who say talk louder just shut up and turn up the volume

Matt Reed says:

Not quite as cheap but it’s so hard to beat all the HOH’s and Global Elites on eBay for $150

Paradox Gwen says:


HMJG19 says:

I have the tan and camel one

Cams house Of kicks says:

Hey bro I’m trying to trade my 11.5 for a 11.75 do you think we can make some sort of trade

AllThingsBaseball says:

Hey do u have any decent quality gloves that u could sell to me for under $100? I need one for next season. If u have any used a2000s that u don’t want anymore that would be great

GG _ BallGloves says:

What about Easton EPG or mizuno global elite

Richard Bolt says:

I’ll trade you Rawlins heart of the hide and a2000 1886 for a2k dat dude

Votto Squad says:


Nathan says:

you need to talk louder

Tim Radtke says:

I have a GG elite first basemen mitt that is my gamer, going in to its 2nd season, still holds shape and is not even flimsy love this glove even though I’m primary catcher who just bought it for my secondary position, I have a yadi heart of the hide for my primary

Bake THE goATXC says:

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D4ZE BO3ie says:

I got it for 80 yesterday

C Root says:

I have that glove

Jordan Whelchel says:

Is it going to be like Kent Murphy

Jonny J says:

Hey could you do a review on a dual core

Globallawncare Gaming says:

I have one of those I got it for $99 at dicks it’s probably one of the best gloves I’ve ever had besides my A2000

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