Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 12.75 Glove Review, New Pick-Up

Check This Seller out on Ebay!! 120290

This is my New Rawlings Heart Of The Hide 12.75 or 12 3/4


phillyglovereview says:

im lovin the glove too, im a huge baseball guy especially in gloves, i have a wilson a2000 which is similar to the heart of the hide if u dont like the rawlings i would just suggest that but i do love the heart of the hide aswell that is my old glove i used to use but have fun breaking yours in looking foward to seeing how it turns out… and welcome back to baseball!… and a question i hav for u is r u gonna use a slow pitch bat in your games or r u getting a new bat to cuz if u r make a video

HomeTownFitteds says:

Nice! Great Glove!!

HomeTownFitteds says:

No prob and thank you!

HomeTownFitteds says:

It is one of the best!

Charles Morales says:

@HomeTownFitteds ok thanks. Its just iv heard people say u need 13 to 14 inch glove just incase you play outfield. But i figure if im playin wit a 12.5 inch glove at third. I can do the same in the outfield. I cant stand big gloves

Jason Shegs says:

my favorite outfield glove

HomeTownFitteds says:

I got thus glove on Ebay 2 years ago from the same seller that i bought this HOH.. I put a like to his ebay page.. I’ve seen just one on ebay since i got it.. Its a rare glove.. I hope you come accross one soon.. Sorry i cant help

briskful says:

Hey do you know any places where I can get your glove to be exact your pros20sc glove I really want one please answer back as soon as possible

HomeTownFitteds says:

As I always tell everyone looking to buy a new glove.. It all comes down to what you are willing to spend.. The better the the quality of leather the longer it will last you.. But with that comes a price.. I am a strong believer in the higher end gloves.. They are worth the money in every way!! If I was you I would chose the HOH!! Amamzing gloves!

brandt says:

You only need one Glove I hate people that say oh I have my first second third short pitcher left field center field right field like Jesus Christ!

HomeTownFitteds says:

In my opinion its too big for an infield glove in Softball.. But its up to you.. It all depends on your skill level.. I myself played 3 years of Softball (Slo-pitch) and I played Short-stop and my glove was a 12″ thats the smallest you can go for softball.. but like I said its all up to you.. What position are you looking to play.. I look at soft ball like baseball.. Baseball 11″ and to 11.5″ for Shortstop and for softball 12″ to 12.5 for SS

grich277 says:

you gotta go 2 in the pink bro. just a suggestion.

glenn noronha says:

I’m 10 and I use a 12 1/2

Charles Morales says:

Would this be too small for an infeild position in softball?

HomeTownFitteds says:

They are great gloves for sure! Thanks for the post!

HomeTownFitteds says:

This glove will be great for the out field! Great pick up!

HomeTownFitteds says:

Thanks man.. Like i have said before in my glove vids, alot of my buddies have the A200o’s and they are really nice. The guys really love them a lot! As for me a huge Rawlings guy.. But i would love to have a Wilson glove in my bag one day.. As for bats lol as sad as it is the slo-pitch bats are done with.. Wood bats only now.. But when i get one I’ll make a vid for sure!! Thanks for the post!

HomeTownFitteds says:

For sure!

Mike Anderson says:

Hey buddy. I just picked up the low end model version of this glove. The Gold Glove Gamer one…I am breaking it in now…still pretty tough. For all my gloves, I’ve used normal fingering….do you recommend using a different way (like pinky and ring in pinky slot, middle in ring spot and index in middle spot)?

Dustin W says:

I would suggest going 2 in the pinkie. Deeper pocket for the outfield. I would flare it just a little if it was my glove. Love the glove

blake foster says:

I use a 12.5 for baseball I play all positions

Silkyl5 says:

Good job on getting back into baseball instead of softball, I’m doing the same thing this season and am having the best time of my life. I rolling with that same glove in right field so I know youll love it.

Who's Lebron?? says:

You look like tony Romo

HomeTownFitteds says:

Thanks Bro!!!

Rocky Pascente says:

go two in the pink great for outfield

Cole Wilson says:

Do you know which color black it is? Dry or Oiled?

baseballguy0315 says:

Nice glove man. My primo is a trap. love it. Your videos are some of the best i have seen.

HomeTownFitteds says:

The Primo gloves are so nice! I have a 11.25 in the Primo.. I like the feel of it.. I can’t wait to use it! Thank you for the post and the kind words!!

TrixDoesMC says:


gunnar finneseth says:

I have the same glove. Check put my vids of it!

Steven says:

Right there

Charles Morales says:

@HomeTownFitteds ok thanks.

HomeTownFitteds says:

Thanks man i cant wait! I have yet to feel but i can feel that im going to love it for sure! Thanks again!

Charles Collins says:

Sound check. Cost varies as does results.20-09!(Outfield). Watch the Showers.

ON Fishing Quest says:

Looking for a new rawlings glove – am down to the heart of the hide 12.75 or the gold glove gamer…can’t decide!

HomeTownFitteds says:

will do..

jbcatcher28 says:

I have that glove but in gold glove leather! It’s great for outfield.

Yellow Boi says:

Grown man. Taking rec league softball too seriously. Backwards hat. Yep, we have a stage five douche here.

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