Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2 Glove Review

This is a review of my Rawlings Heart of the Hide PROTT2 Troy Tulowitzki game model baseball glove.


AJ Fields says:

How much padding does it have and would you go with this or the wilson a2000 1786?

Henry Dropps says:

was the leather really stiff when you first got it??

Joshua Perez says:

Would you suggest this or the dp15

MNbaseball23 says:

Ok, thanks man.

WilsonGloveDude says:

It was a great glove but I decided to sell it

WilsonGloveDude says:

Yeah, I sold it on ebay

Shelley Weiskind says:

How much was it new

Gloves n such says:

Why did they stop making them? I mean I just got one and yes I’m gaming it but I like it’s better than a2000s I’ve used, not including my catchers mitt I like wilson for catchers mitts

NFF15 says:

Do you think this would be too small for third base? nice review

WilsonGloveDude says:

Yeah, it was pretty stiff out of the box

ricky russell says:

Your name is WILSON GLOVE DUDE not rawlings glove dude haha jk nice glove bro

erick gonzalez says:

How much was it sold for

michael mckinley says:

i am getting this glove soon and i was wondering what conditioner you used for the pocket? 🙂

James soften says:

Ok thanks

James soften says:

Btw did you put this on eBay bc I saw one that looked just like this

WilsonGloveDude says:

No problem. I think you should go with the DATDUDE because it looks sweet and seems like it’s going to be a great glove. Probably going to pick one up for myself too!

James soften says:

Thanks for making this video next yr if I get a new glove it’s between this and the a2k DATDUDEgm let me know wich one I should go with thanks

Chris Cantrell says:

Dude I love ur vids bro

WilsonGloveDude says:

I would use the RW23

WilsonGloveDude says:

I would go with the dp15

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks man

WilsonGloveDude says:

I would go with the EL3 for third base

Jonah Olin says:

would you recommend this glove for middle infield?

Loki Olin says:

hey ive got a pro mesh heart of the hide modified trapeze infield model and a wilson RW23. which should i use at mid infield in games???

thedovbear says:

Go for the pro mesh hoh

MNbaseball23 says:

This or Wilson el3 for a third baseman?

Sean Seale says:

How much is one of these worth now a days?

WilsonGloveDude says:

It retails for around $200

TheMagoo98 says:

Did u already sell this glove

Cali Boy says:

the pocket is called single post not cross web

yasser terrero says:

hey do you think i would be able to play second base with this glove? i’ve seen a whole bunch of pictures and it looks like it runs pretty big

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks. You could use it for third base but it has a really shallow pocket, so if you want a glove with a deep pocket for third then I wouldn’t recommend it

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