Review on 11 1/2 gold glove elite and 11 1/4 A2000

this is a review on my rawling 11 1/2 gold glove elite and my wilson 11 1/4 A2000


Sammy Snow says:

got em both at my store. the GGE I got a few years before I worked there and the A2 I got shortly after I started lol

OEDDEH says:

My that I just got seems very soft(rawlings) and it seems like I try to do that bend that you do with the fingers but it seems really soft and not like harf

Jonah Bennis says:


Sammy Snow says:

That’s always the toughest. Honestly I would recommend you get a good glove for the position you are most passionate about and a cheaper for your other. But if you still go with one glove then I’d say get a 12in glove. It’s small enough for infield and big enough to get by in outfield

Jalen Elrod says:

This dude says rawlin

Lucas Bennis says:

11 1/1

taj 123 says:

how do you make your mitt wide

DatDudeSean13 says:

Hey would u want to buy any my gloves check out my vids and subscribe

cool guy 5 says:

the gloves look really good until u squeeze it because ur bad at breaking in gloves

Sammy Snow says:


hustle tree kp says:

this guy makes me laugh with the way he explains stuff

Sammy Snow says:

Honestly it’s just taking care of it before after and during the season. by conditioning the leather and keeping softball in the pocket

sebas monty says:

It’s the pocket that makes the transfer quicker.

Jack Biter says:


Falcon Ballerz says:

Idk what’s worse. He has a playboy symbol in the left corner of his window or he likes the cubs.

OEDDEH says:


Marcus Curran says:

i had this glove it was terrible i got the rawlings pro preferred so much better trust me

Bella and King Gonzalez says:

Do those mushballs help shape the glove?

Jalen Elrod says:

I think this guy has teretz

Matthew LaPoff says:

Would you recomend a pro prefferd or the wilson. And whats better the a2000 or the heart of hide

Sammy Snow says:

Yeah there is nothing wrong with going a size up or down depending on the position

Tyrone Hunter says:

What size glove can you use for 3rd base

Lucas Bennis says:

So I could get the 111/2 and play 2nd?

Ned Seekamp says:

Cubs suck

Sammy Snow says:

I really like the 12 3/4 A2000. It’s got a H web (or similar to one) and it’s got a huge pocket. Rawlings has the HOH for about $230 and the Player Preferred for around $330 I think. Both are nice but I’ve only seen em in stores with a trap eze and I’m not a fan of that style. Some others I really like are the Mizuno’s Classic soft $180 and Global Elite $330. All these gloves I mentioned either have a big pocket or has the potential to create a big nice pocket on em. Hope this helped

Anthony Montenegro says:

What kind of ball is that in your gloves ?

charles daly says:

Some fuckin’ guys doing some shit eh?  thats exactly how i talk about the Cubs…

brandon ferris says:

how’s the glove holding up

Sammy Snow says:


lock down says:

try an a2k

Alexis Moya says:

How do you take care of your glove

Jack Shea says:

what glove would you recommend for outfield

Sammy Snow says:

16in clincher or a 16in softball

Sammy Snow says:

lol I know I just say things wrong. Like Illinois

Lucas Bennis says:

Would a troy tulowitzki be good for a second base it’s a 11 1/2

Casual Connor says:

I forgot to ask, which type of web do you like better? The I Web or the Modified Trap-Eze?

Casual Connor says:

What approach did you take when you flared the thumb on your gloves? Also, what kind of ball do you keep in your gloves to keep the form?


u kno its rawlings not rawling right?

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