The Last Baseball-Glove Maker in America

Nokona baseball gloves are made in Nocona, Texas using a number of different leathers including kangaroo, cowhide and buffalo. From hot stamping, to embroidering, to lacing, Nokona has been handcrafting ball gloves since 1934.

Video by Brian Schildhorn

Made is a series of short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are made, and honor the process and artisans behind them.


Stanley Banks says:

Baseball sucks as much as texas

MLB TALK says:

Wilson’s better don’t @ me

Chairman Meow says:

Buy American!

Travis Mcfarland says:

Did I just see a dude pitching with an outfielders glove haha

Marc Goodman says:

Reminds me of the time I hit my aunt in the mouth with a baseball bat… Sorry Aunt shirley.

Joe Webb says:

Am I crazy or did that say $290 for a baseball glove?

email16v says:

Nahh. Buy Russell

vargasmongo3436 says:

the aroma in that factory must be really pleasant and enjoyable :3

jakobud says:

$290 seems pricey but in reality it will most likely last your entire lifetime.

JANGin says:

I would rather buy a japanese mad one

James Rushton says:

Great story.

name less says:

Nice. $290 is extremely reasonable for the quality of workmanship put into that. This is how its ment to be.

I am Jobu says:

Cool story but my Wilson A2000 is still better

MRCOOL53 says:


Fred Miller says:

Modern gloves require zero skill on behalf of the wearer. Their the size of snow-shovel scoops. Who couldn’t catch a ball wearing one?

Uber Fye says:

Too bad they weigh damn near 50 lbs

Shane Prince says:

American name yet they choose a name/logo that looks Japanese… what the fuck?

AxelDigital says:

You can tell a lot about a man from his cars grab handles. This man works

Mr. Natural says:

I never liked baseball, it was just too boring for me. But I’ve always loved going outside and playing catch.

Monorom Krich says:

My hands always sweat with them on.

James clark says:

I grew up playing baseball 50 years ago and have been fan all my life. I THOUGHT I knew about all the major brands Rawlings(my favorite), Wlison, Spaulding, Mizuno etc..WHY HAVE I NEVER HEARD OF THIS GREAT COMPANY BEFORE, WTF???

alex says:

I still have my Nokona from when I was a kid. Best.

v8dreaming says:

Bought a Nokona today.

B-Man 123 says:

Wow…very, very cool!!!

984047 says:

As an American i just by the cheapest thing that does the job (it has to do the job otherwise its a waste of money), but i can’t spend $290 for a glove ill only use a few times when a great glove can be bought at $75

žaki09 says:

sorry nokona

alex says:

your son throws like a bitch.

M. Rees says:

A baseball glove allows you to catch a baseball. Wowwww

massivebids says:

This made me want to buy a glove and I’m a cow. RIP Mom and Dad.

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