Wilson a2000 Custom SC DW5 Glove Review

This is a review of my custom Wilson a2000 showcase DW5 baseball glove.


Daniel Prentice says:


Matt Masci says:

If my date code says “ADP” what does that mean?

WilsonGloveDude says:


ThePman8 says:

Did it feel really small like to small for someone with an average sized hand


It has 4 holes because if you take it to you baseball hardware storethe can change the wrist size.

blackops2isreallybad says:

Do a relace video plz

WilsonGloveDude says:

Maybe in the future

Moises Hernandez says:

Looking forward to trade a Wilson A2000 sc-b2 model it’s a Kershaw model just in a walnut brown want to trade it for Rawlings heart of the hide Troy model contact me for info develyn425t@aol.com or contact me at 310 743 9880

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks and I’m not sure either. Maybe they left the showcase 1787’s with the same hand opening width as the non showcase 1787’s but made the hand opening less tall

baseballkid423 says:

Im not a big fan of flashy gloves but that is pretty sexy

Kyle Hosein says:

How do u afford all these gloves?

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks man!

ThePman8 says:

What size batting glove do you wear

WilsonGloveDude says:

No sorry

akilies12345 says:

dude i have a showcase 1787 custom a2000 and the wrist has 4 lace holes (check my review if you want). do you know why ???? sick glove btw.

mike siwak says:

how old r u

BaseballKidd15 says:

Selling or trading this glove?

Dillon DeClue says:

What’s the difference between the showcase models and the traditional models

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks man

aj holter says:

ur like rich i watched ur glove collection and u have like 14 a2000s

DatDudeSean13 says:

Wat do u mean he doesn’t buy them

WilsonGloveDude says:


Nathan Kelley says:

@WilsonGloveDude how long do u think a halfway broke in 1613 pro-stock would take to fully break in plz reply,Thanks

DRE Nasty says:

do u play baseball

WilsonGloveDude says:

Thanks man!

WilsonGloveDude says:

Sorry. I posted it on ebay a few hours ago and it already sold

John Barre says:

Where do you get your glove lace from? I’m thinking about relacing my custom 1786, it’s all gray with black welting and lacing. I’m thinking about maybe relacing it yellow and red. thanks

Jared K. says:

Your reviews are awesome and help a lot!

WilsonGloveDude says:

No. It does not feel too small. It feels tight on an average size hand but if you like gloves to feel tight on your hand then I would recommend it.

Adam Yang says:

Dude your awesome!!! Subing right away!

DatDudeSean13 says:

Good vid and nice glove

BaseballKidd15 says:

okay cool. anytime in the future?

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