Wilson A2000 vs. 44 Pro Gloves Signature Series!

Comparing Wilson’s a2000 and 44 Pro’s Signature Series
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Ryder Starkey says:

I don’t care

Truck Miller Sports & gaming says:

Thank you man this was a very helpful video

Nick says:

Crap Wilson

Michael Navidad says:

+willbaseball28 Does the Kip Leather on the 44 Pro Signature Series feel just as buttery and smooth like the Rawlings Pro Preferred?

Jacob Davies says:

i like this

GluvNation says:

I am looking to customize a glove soon and I am debating between an A2000 or a 44 Signature Series. I have an A2000 now and I am in love with it but lately I have been liking the 44’s. I would appreciate your input on which glove you think I should invest in. 44 is obviously way cheaper to customize but my worry is I will not like the 44 (given I have never used one) and it will be a waste of money and turn into a shelf glove. Thank you.

Charlie Blankin says:

to add some clickbait to this video because it’s a great video and people should hear what you are trying to say

Ryder Starkey says:

A2000 is the best glove

Austin Champagne says:

I think I’m going to buy a custom 44 now

ReZ says:

How did you get that a2000 for 100

Nick says:

I’m getting a 44 catchers mitt

Richie_Gloves says:

Great video!

Fishguit says:

Dumb question but which web design lasts longer for just tossing? I already know that any web with just lace is out of the question, I feel like the two piece pithching pattern wins but.. Also, does the 2 piece web pattern have a louder pop with the pocket being so closed up?

Adam Levine says:

Where did you buy your A2000

nw gloves says:

I like 44’s but a2000 is better

Zdeno Chara says:

my ck22 flares so nicely so idk what you are doing wrong

Nick Jones says:

I have to disagree with the moisture wicking comparison, my Wilson A2000’s lining is cheap and worthless, my hand always slips out of my a2000. The exact opposite happens on my 44.

Blake Thomas says:

Bro just record the video all the way through. All the different cuts get annoying.

Fight The Clock says:

the CK22 is sick, he’s also the best in the game lol

Ryder Starkey says:

No player in the MLB youses 44 pro most MLB players use A2000

ReZ says:

What website

Jonathan Frajman says:

I’m a pretty big wilson fan but I just ordered a custom 44. My a2000 just wasn’t cutting it anymore

Jayden Lundie says:

which one is better

Chase Morley says:

The leather on a Wilson is better. The longer it takes to be break in the glove, the better quality leather the glove will have.

Dylan Saciuk says:

is the 44 pro light?

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