Wilson A2000 vs Rawlings Heart of the Hide

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Wilson a2000 vs Rawlings heart of the hide
By nd0 gloves!


sabastian williams says:

You’re terrible.

Gloves and Bats020 says:

A200 all day I like wilsons more also

Andrew Sullivan says:

this is the worst video I have ever seen

Isaiah Rodriguez says:

I don’t like Wilson

BoB The bro says:

A2000 all day

김재희 says:


Isaiah Rodriguez says:


lovebeuti says:

Wilson is better all day everyday ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

akaredcrossbow says:

I think Wilson would do so much better if they would offer more color patterns like Rawlings does! Wilson doesn’t have much to choose from and to be honest the majority of them are ugly. I don’t want to wait 6-8 weeks for a custom glove. Offer more traditional color choices in A2k and A2000, better quality laces and Wilson will put Rawlings to shame.

Chad Westberry says:

Chalmation in the house! Lol

Gabe Kemp says:

not biased at all

boi says:

Better gloves:
Infield: Wilson
Pitcher: Wilson
Catcher: Rawlings
First Base: Rawlings
Outfield: Wilson

josh partridge says:

As you can see

Kendall Burns says:

Regret watching this video

Slaughter Gang says:


Brett Allen says:

Hey,I have a first base mitt that I hope to trade in for a pitchers glove,do you have any open for trade?P.s it’s a Nokona x2

Gloves and Bats020 says:

Only thing about Rawlings is they have better catchers gloves in my opinion and I’m a Wilson fan

Weston Wright says:

A 2000

Slug games says:

A2000 all the way

BSBCN says:

Rawlings is better

Isaiah Rodriguez says:

I don’t like awesome

Edge Lombardi says:

Is this guy retarded?

lpd dpl says:

love the scenery

Ivan Morales says:


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