Wilson Glove Lab: How a Glove is Made

Wilson Baseball is the Official Glove of Major League Baseball, and the equipment of choice for countless players around the world. Before our proprietary Pro Stock Leather is hand-crafted into a glove, the Wilson Baseball team meets with players around the globe, finds the best materials available and enlists the top craftsmen in the industry. This is the story of how those gloves are made.


Makabe Phillips says:

There making my glove

Brendon mahan says:

Nicest sweatshop ive seen

Rommel Galza says:

I have a gloves plss give me a gloves and batting gloves

Phillie Fan says:

Rawlings is the best brand

James Althoff says:

Where is this? I live in Chicago.


500 like

TTD ART says:

Nokona >>> any other brand

Justin Garcia says:

I need a glove

T wheezy says:

I conditioned my Rawlings glove while watching this. Didn’t even realize it until the end

Beauxdene Tolomaki says:

Hope this doesn’t sound racist but the workers all asian is it because the they send the work to Asia

우민서 says:

There are some reasons why most of the players use rawlings. It can be disputable but tbh rawlings leather is better personally

J.W.H. Outdoors says:

Where are the glove day vids???

James Epstein says:

Really cool

Shayne Thigpen says:

Please I beg you just go ahead and drop the glove day vids please I beg you

Seahok says:

HOWEVER, Those gloves aren’t available in Japan.

Mitch Tsukinari says:

Are regular people allowed to visit the wilson glove lab in chicago? Cause i live really close to it.

Jedidr says:

I’d love a a2k catchers glove but I’m poor soooo

MacN 04 says:

I don’t like the new Brandon Phillips datdude

VeCtRookie says:

44 Gloves Are Way Better

Benjamin Chin says:

You guys should make a premium glove like the A2K that has a off season reconditioning program where you can send your glove in once to replace the laces and anything that got worn out. Should retail for three ninety nine!

tommy durocher says:

lace sucks
rawlings is better
fix that and youre golden

Juan M Hernandez says:

Thank you… makes you appreciate your glove that you love…

KD Kids says:

Keep up the good vids and that is cool

D Valle says:

Too bad when Wilson acquired Louisville Slugger they killed the Icon and Evolution Made In USA gloves. They were made in the Nokona factory, and Wilson knew those gloves were as good if not better than the Japanese made Wilson’s.

Benjamin Chin says:

Is the lace just the pro stock select leather?

Tara Fjeld says:

hemem Rawlings makes the the best gloves just clarify

SUUNTO24 says:

Beautiful work


Meh, i rather Mizuno.

Joey Di Buono says:

what a beautiful piece of art

Tassos Foster says:

Love the videos

Nolan Guest says:

You wish u made the best gloves on earth hello Rawlings

Max Kozar says:

I love your gloves but it would be nice if the lace was a little bit better. I know its probably harder than people think to get better lace, but until then I will keep loving the great color ways and quality leather.

Clay Tyler says:

Yalls lace is trash

Jose Garcia says:

Hi i have a question u don’t have any glove giveaways because that would be great

Sun King says:

Nice to know that my “Wilson A2K” was made in a 1st world nation like Japan and not some 3rd world sweat shop like you’re competitors with golden patches do. Love this series of videos, like knowing where our babies “Wilson’s” are made from. I don’t think? the consumer is conscious of those 18 hours of a hot monsoon season to make 1 glove possible. If I were a Pro, I would love to visit the Wilson glove lab.

Spencer .Calder says:

Rawlings is better tbh

andrew_ becker6 says:

0:11 Teal snakeskin would look sweet! Any plans on adding snakeskin colors to the custom glove site?

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