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#tenniswarehouse #princetennis #princephantom ➤Phantom 100 18×20: With its thin beam and dense string pattern, this player’s racquet is ideal for the experienced player who craves control and feel. ➤Playtester Profiles: ➤Tennis Warehouse: ➤Tennis Warehouse Europe: ➤Tennis Only: ➤YouTube: ➤ Facebook: ➤ Instagram: ➤ Twitter: ➤ Improve […] Intermediate and advanced players looking for a solid payer’s racquet with impressive power should like this update to the Radical Pro. Built with Graphene Touch, this stick has a distinctively low-vibration response (think muted). Like the previous generation, this racquet has a Dynamic String Pattern, which optimizes the spacing of the center main strings […]

[광고&협찬&문의] [네이버밴드] [네이버카페] [30년전통 전문테니스몰 CS스포츠]

#TennisExpress #2018TennisRacquets #BestRacquets2018 With hundreds of tennis racquets to choose from, we wanted to help you find your holy grail. These are our favorite racquets released in 2018: 0:20 Babolat Pure Drive 0:45 Yonex VCore Pro 97 310g 1:08 Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail (Black and White) 1:35 Volkl V-Feel 8 315g 2:07 Yonex VCore […]

#tenniswarehouse #prokennextennis #racquetreview ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 Tennis Racquet Review Looking for an arm-friendly racquet that has an awesome blend of power and control?! Loaded with Kinetic technology, intermediate & advanced players will like what this racquet has to offer! Take a closer look at what our team thought and let us know […]

#tenniswarehouse #wilsontennis #clashracquet 🇺🇸Clash 100 in US: 🇪🇺Clash 100 in Europe: 🇦🇺Clash 100 in Aus: A uniquely flexible racquet with explosive speed, easy spin and great feel! Our Global team of playtesters were curious to see how the Clash 100 would help their game, take a closer look to see what they […]

#tenniswarehouse #wilsontennis #wilsonclash 🇺🇸Clash 100 Tour in US: 🇪🇺Clash 100 Tour in EUROPE: 🇦🇺Clash 100 Tour in AUS: It’s here! Imagine a thick powerful beam paired with a flexible, fast feel…hard to imagine, right?! Take a closer look to see what our playtesters thought of the innovative new racquet from Wilson! Comment […]

Should You Upgrade Your Tennis Racket? We take a look at whether or not you should upgrade your tennis racket? Should You Upgrade Your Tennis Racket? Babolat Pure Strike (ProjectOne7) ► Yonex Ezone DR 98 ► Head Graphene Touch Speed Pro ► Babolat Pure Aero► ★VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO FIND MORE INFO […]

#tenniswarehouse #dunloptennis #tennisracquetreview Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 16×19 Tennis Racquet Review A speedy midsize player’s racquet with great feel and easy targeting! Take a closer look at this racquet if you are an intermediate or advanced players looking for the precision of a compact headsize. ➤Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 16×19: ➤Playtester Profiles: […]

#tenniswarehouse #babolattennis #PureDriveVS Babolat Pure Drive VS Tennis Racquet Review Power AND control in a Pure Drive?! Our dreams have been answered! This VS version has a smaller head and a thinner, more flexible beam! And, like the standard Pure Drive, this racquet was invented for the explosive mechanics of the modern power game! The […]

#tenniswarehouse #dunlopsrixon #tennisracquetreview Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tennis Racquet Review With a more aerodynamic beam and responsive stringbed, this racquet is a solid option for intermediates. Comfortable, speedy and loaded with spin, see how our playtesters liked this frame! Any questions, let us know! ➤Dunlop Srixon CX 200: Playtester Profiles: ➤Tennis Warehouse: […]

#tenniswarhouse #babolattennis #PureAeroTour Pure Aero Tour Tennis Racquet Review Spin friendly, stable and loaded with power! It’s the racquet review you all have been waiting for! Take a closer look at what our playtesters thought of the heaviest racquet in the Pure Aero line. If you have questions, let us know below! Pure Aero Tour: […]

#tenniswarehouse #wilsontennis #nishikori Wilson Ultra 95 Countervail Tennis Racquet Review Endorsed by Kei Nishikori, this racquet has the mass to drive the ball powerfully through the court. A great option for strong intermediates or advanced ball strikers. Ultra 95: Playtester Profiles: ➤Tennis Warehouse: ➤Tennis Warehouse Europe: ➤Tennis Only: ➤YouTube: […]

#tenniswarehouse #babolattennis #pureaeroplus Babolat Pure Aero Plus 2019 Tennis Racquet Review Power, spin and plowthrough! Updated with better feel, this extended length racquet from Babolat is an attacking player’s dream! See what our team thought about this racquet and let us know any questions you have below! ➤Pure Aero Plus: ➤Tennis Warehouse: ➤Tennis […]

Music used: – Pixel Swing by Moscillate via Fugue – Almost Original by Joakim Karud via Audio Library – Dreams by Joakim Karud via Audio Library

#tenniswarehouse #princetennis #PrinceTour100 Prince Textreme Tour 100 (310) Tennis Racquet Review Spin, precision, power AND stability! This racquet has it all and is a solid option for intermediate and advanced players! Take a closer look to see what our playtesters though…it quickly became a favorite! Any questions, let us know below! Prince Tour 100 (310): […]

#tenniswarehouse #headtennis #Sharapova Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP Tennis Racquet Review Endorsed by Maria Sharapova, this racquet offers easy power and feel. Quick, spin-friendly and a great option for players looking to take their game to the next level. Take a closer look to see what our team of playtesters thought of this update…and if […]

#tenniswarehouse #princetennis #PrinceTour95 Prince Textreme Tour 95 Tennis Racquet Review Loaded with feel and precision, this surgical 95 square inch racquet is a great option for advanced ball strikers. Perfect to redirect pace and keep balls deep, the 16×19 string bed also helps add spin when needed. Take a closer look and check out what […]

#tenniswarehouse #besttennisracquet #tennisracquet Best Tennis Racquets of 2018 Take a look at some of our favorite racquets that launched in 2018! A wide range of frames that we loved — racquets loaded with power, control, spin, stability and more! What was your favorite racquet this year?! Babolat Pure Aero Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro […]

It was time to complete my review of the hyped-up Wilson Clash racquet. Please bear in mind that I got to review the prototype version as the retail version hits the stores on Feb 15th 2019. Written review:

How to Increase Power in your Tennis Racket? Tennis Reviews teaches you how to increase the amount of power that you can potentially get in your tennis racket. Babolat Tape ► Gamma Tape ► Prince Synthetic Gut String ► Multifilament String ► Soft Polyester String ► ★VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO FIND MORE […]

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket Review by Top Tennis Training. In this video Top Tennis Training coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky review in depth the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket. This racket is incredibly powerful and gives very high levels of spin yet has very good control. A great tennis racket for baseline […]

The Wilson Clash is one of the most hyped-up racquets since the Babolat Pure Strike 2017. When Wilson is talking about “racquet revolution”, a lot of people want to bring their salt shaker. Can you revolutionize the racquet industry today? Or is it all marketing talk? Well, here are my first impressions about this interesting […]

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