Butterfly Rozena Rubber Review

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TableTennisDaily’s review on Butterfly’s latest rubber, looking at the Rozena with Dan Ives and Tom Maynard at the Kingfisher Table Tennis Club!

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Syed Faris says:

I think tenergy05 are the best

Lun Jiechoo says:

can review Dhs power g15 or g5 with hurricane 3 rubber ? pls

Bernardo Capellan says:

Notice my video pls

Scud CS says:

Maybe a silly question, but what ball were you using? And have you compared it against Yasaka RakzaX, or can share a few thoughts if you see any benefits for changing it to the Rozena? Btw i play penhonld.
Great Review, thanks!

Hin5525 says:

Can you be able to do a review with Butterfly Impartial XB? I want to see how much spin does the ball remain when blocking

Christian Adrian Aniceta says:

will this be good for RPB? I use stiga clipper cr non-wrb
I am currently using yasaka mark v

Robin Thome says:

How can a rubber with 34° sponge hardness be a medium-hard rubber although Andro’s Rasant Beat has a sponge hardness of 37,5° and it’ considered a soft rubber? Please explain I am massively confused

Mystify73 says:

Germans are unable to show TT material-tests….!

Rodrigo Coura says:


FrashGod5 says:

if you dont get discounts from teessports just buy tenergy or rozena from ttex.com. It is way cheaper and the delivery is the same. Its from Sweden and it comes nearly faster then from teessports lmao

Flat Stanley says:

I have the mark 5 right now and wanted a tenergy 5 because I like fast rubbers but sometimes I have truffle returning serves and certain spins, do u think the rozena would be good for me? Also what sponge thickness do u recommend and what is the difference between a 2.1mm and a 1.9mm?

Juan Dela Cruz says:

question to all pros., i saw that they’re using a 2.1 version. Is the 1.7mm way way slow? i want a lighter setup with the timo boll zlc. the 2.1 sounds heavy at 47grams cut.

darkreaver2004 says:

Simply love your channel dude, but you are the William Shattner of tabletennis 😀

Lior Eshkhar says:

Can you please do a review on the Stiga Carbonado 245?
Your reviews are really great and I’m sure I’m not the only person that would be glad to see a review on this blade from you…

Nguyen Dang says:

it’s the old studio.

Jaffar Lone says:

Excellent work Dan, comparing it with different rubbers gives a far broader perspective.

PawelTableTennis says:

Dan awesome video!!!!

Thomas Giudici says:

I can confirm it is a very good rubber (I had it today) and that it has much spin but the speed is not so good. Overall I’ll give out of ten 8

黃上瑄 says:

Hello , will you guys do the xiom vega zlc series review : )?

崖の上のボルネオ says:

Good rubber

Christian Haugaard says:

Great review. Rasanter next please

Gergely Gyebnár says:

The Rosena little bit same like Donic Bluefire M2?

Syed Faris says:

And gewo hype kr

Max Power says:

which rubbers is Tom using in this review? Still Stiga Genesis M?

Eric Houston says:

OMG 2:19 – 2:40! What a rally!!!

ronald reaggan says:

Alle belag sind super? (:

Nar nay Irip says:

Please review DHS GOLD ARC 5

lola Doudoune says:


Tata Tatata says:

I want to know what equipment the taller guy is using in this video

Thomas Giudici says:

This rubber is EXCELLENT IN TOPSPIN!!!

Hin5525 says:

Can you also do a review on Butterfly SK carbon blade?

Mastro says:

From personal experience ive seen a couple players use rozena and struggle against pimple players trying to topspin/attack the chop/defensive block against the pimple using bluefire myself on the forehand i didnt struggle playing against a pimple player maybe due down to technique unsure but thats my exp

Jonathan Oh says:

Where did you buy your red flooring? I’m looking to buy some.

lola Doudoune says:


davesplatz says:

Seems like you really made it, Dan and Tom. Found this video on the Butterfly homepage next to their advertisement/product video. Stay true to yourself and your viewers and you will be happy in life!

phaniraj patel says:

Found something similar to this rubber – ‘Sanwei Tiaji’ with pink sponge. It sells for around $12 in AliExpress.

KinG FierY says:

Review the acuda s1 turbo

Burkhard Wacker says:

hey dan, 2 questions: what is your experience in blocking with chinese rubbers ? and could you please review the legendary hurricane 3 neo ?

Eiji Muroya says:

Tom has powerful backhand shots! They look so fast in this video

LSF HD says:

Hi table tennis daily. I know it isn’t exactly your thing to do on your channel but do you think you guys can possibly do a detailed tutorial on advanced serves or shots to help someone like myself add something to their armory to give themselves a bit of an advantage over their opponent in a competitive game?

Baraka552 says:

I like your reviews very well. But could you guys make a review of Palio AK47 rubbers? With red sponge, in particular. Lemme explain.

Since I live in a country like Ukraine, which doesn’t have such stable economics, I can’t let myself buy something like Tenergy. I don’t even need it, I’m an amateur player. =) So I look for something similar.
Most people say that this is a good chinese analogue of European tensors. Although, there’s still not much information and video reviews. There’s some poor reviews in Russian, but they’re not so informative. I think a lot of English-speaking people would like to see a review of that rubber too.


quad 2304 says:

Rozena vs. Tenergy 80?

Which one’s better do you think?

6004gianluca says:

Please make a review also of the new Rasanter R42, R47, R50. Thank you 🙂

Kevin Ye says:

Is this better on forehand or backhand?

Aleksi Laine says:

Can you do a review of Stiga celero eood

Arkadi Danielyan says:

Compare to tenergy 80 fx

AgZ says:

Either the rubber is too slow or your strokes very weak.

Артём З says:


Eiji Muroya says:

Seriously? Is 35º hardness rubbers for you a medium-hard rubber? What about for example donic bluefire M1 which is 45º or even harder rubbers like DHS hurricane 3 neo? (39º in chinese scale = 52º)

Gaby says:

Which is the most adherent between the Vega pro and the Rozena ? Which is the fastest between these two ?

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