Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Unboxing and Setup

This is the video shows you that I am unboxing butterfly equipment and teach you how to assemble table tennis racket.
Good luck with your table tennis ^-^

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Jim Sawyer says:

use it for your future successes.

Qian Charlie says:

1.it is not two T05, it is one T05 and other is T05-Fx
2. It is not mizutani super ZlC,this blade is mizutani ZlC

Pascal Bleval says:

Inexpectably funny video 🙂

Naveen Varma says:

Wow!! Need that bat..Show some love on this Beginner..all the way from India!!

Белая росá says:

YangYang, what is brand and title of your blue-yellow shoes ?

miyako kenji says:

I want to try full butterfly set up, but the cost is too expensive

markjmarkjack says:

I’m gonna guess Butterfly Tenergy Hard, maybe a ALC/ZLC blade and poly balls.

Edit: Close

Adinda Cakraningrat says:

I love this new segment Yangyang. This fun and cheering up.

Διονυσιος Κουτσιμανης says:

I play with DHS Fang Bo blade and DHS Hurricane III rubbers

Funky' Furballs says:

My Xiom blade is just like Butterfly…the handles are too short for medium to large hands.
I used my Dremel tool rout off the blade near the handle to increase the length.

Carbonated Turtle says:

Very interesting. I never considered assembling my own paddle. And thanks for all the videos. Over the past year you’ve helped me become one of the best players in my office! 🙂

ShiFan Dong says:

Nice piece of equipment!!!
Will you do giveaways?

Null DemokratieZwei says:

Hurricane is harder than T05, so if anything, you should have tried the new T05 “hard” to replace the Hurricane. Replacing a hard rubber like H3 with a softer rubber like 05FX is a little strange, but hey: maybe you will like it nonetheless.

Harry Table Tennis says:

I think we can use the press clamp from Yasaka to bind the rubbers and blade together. I use the Japanese Stanley knife to cut the trim edge rubbers on the cutting Matt. I use water based glue only.

xHype Santa says:

How much? And how i buy to this racket??

riemikes says:

You forgot put edge tape.

Maurice Harvey says:

Am I the only one who thinks that this segment reminds me of an adult movie???

Hartley Taslim says:

Great Products from Butterfly.. never tried super ZLC, but had ZLC Timo Boll before.. Congratulations Yang for the support from Butterfly

john sbrinis says:

Why the f, do you choose the fx on forehand? And how the fuck are gonna control the super zlc? A koto outer ply is better and had less duel time, limba is a bitch. You’re gonna have a hard time. At least use the 05 on forehand and the fx on backhand… If you want get the normal zhang jike alc. It’s stiffer and has gives a lower ark on the ball.

jomtack kreanga says:


Tilden Corbett says:

Not sure if you wanted folks to see your address. You might want to cover up that part (on the box).

ShiFan Dong says:

For the black hurricane you get on your forehand, is that the National one or Provincial one?

ShiFan Dong says:

By the way, are you saying that you are using the same rubber in both forehand and backhand?

Nenad Petkovic says:

Can you explain why 05fx on FH ? Do you try some other glue like Revolution 3 ?

Dr Rubi Saikia says:

Hey yangyang would you please make a video on how to serve high toss backhand like Kim Song I

rydmerlin says:

Please be careful with things like this since it’s very easy to see your address.

DesertStarr says:

Butterfly sponsored this video? Should put a disclaimer.

rydmerlin says:

Which scissors?

Huy Ngo says:

Nice post. But strange to see you change from sticky rubber to Tenergy and changed from FL handle to ST.

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