Butterfly Tenergy 05 Rubber Review | Featuring Michael Maze

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Hey guys, today we are joined by none other than the table tennis legend Michael Maze reviewing one of the most popular rubbers of all time, Tenergy 05 by Butterfly.

This is by far the most requested rubber review we have ever had, so it is finally time to find out if Tenergy 05 lives up to hype. Used by many of the top players including Timo Boll, Zhang Jike, Michael Maze and of course many others. Last week I headed to the Denmark National training Centre to pick Michaels brain about this rubber and find out why it has become so popular and what makes it so special. Hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks to Michael Maze and Butterfly for this fantastic opportunity.

Watch our previous review where we look at the Butterfly Timo Boll ALC with Timo Boll: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAiMy8vtylE

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chebkhaled1985 says:

great review , I started using it few months ago and suddenly my counter topspins all land on the table. I think 05 hard would be the logical rubber to review next

Adamundane Edge says:

Can we please have more of the fpov? It looks awesome

Stephen Phoenix-Roberts says:

I used 05 for a bit awesome rubber.
But I say it not very durable. I played 3 time a week for 6 months.then dead,
It’s good for pro as they change rubbers more often then a club player.

Happy Cadava says:

Really really nice Video!!! Good Job!!!!!!

Hong Xiang Lin says:

We want Tenergy 05 Hard review!!!!!!

CKScruff says:

That chop block tho

PawelTableTennis says:

Great video!

Benny Dook says:

why not the H3 NEO plz

Ethan Wang says:

Zhang Jike never used Tenergy 05 FYI. He used to use Tenergy 64 and now he’s using Tenergy 80.

joonnytt says:

I guess you get money for that.

Chumbly Warner says:


Leo K. says:

Great review as always, but really odd timing for a review of 10 years’ old regular 05, while everyone wants to see just released ’05 hard’ review…

aeros sunico says:

It would be amazing reviewing 05 hard. Or h3 national bluesponge boosted or non boosted with ML blade. A lot of people want to see that.

loozmi says:

hey dan ! what is your classement ?? (number of points). your videos are awesome ;).
PS: i also use the t-energy 05 , it’ very cool !

michal234486 says:

The modern tt training is build around tenergy05. This is why it’s so widespread. Just an ‘industry standard’

Yll Deda says:

Hurricane 3 featuring Ma long

dola adel says:

05 Hard plz !

PawelTableTennis english says:

Epic review!

Joshua Su says:

Please do a xiom Asia 4 review

ttCountenance says:

Great video. I remember Maze from 2009 in European Championships. At that time he was even better than Boll and the rest. Just pure talent. I wish he could have achieved more in his career when he was healthy. Congrats Dan for another review. You are already a legend on youtube.

Frank Gonzales says:

Best tables around

Tevin Tech says:

Review tenergy 05 Hard!

ed stepoff says:


markjmarkjack says:

Great review, I’m gonna try this rubber. Could you do a review of Tenergy 05 Hard and Yasaka Rakza 7?


Nice Review. Dan kindly review DHS Gold Arc 8

Storm - Mobile Legends says:

Do a review of hurricane 3 neo

riejay alabata says:

I really love your videos and i love tt but i am lacking out of equipment i hope that you can donate☺

muhammed salman says:

Is it realy so difficult to handle it with t05 for mid-pro player ? I was thinking to buy it on my stiga hybrid wood blade actually.

Pablo says:

On the market there are many rubbers with excellent performance about spin and speed…too much similar 05 and the price is incomparable…The difference between Tenergy and another rubbers is the weight you can transfer on the ball. A really good alternative is Xiom Vega Pro for 25 euro is a great choice!!! Maze is fantastic…great talent…

Diamond real says:

Pongfinity vs Dan pls

Kiko Wiryawan says:

Bit late of a review

RandomPokemonStuff says:

Why do tenergy 05 when you could have done tenergy 05 hard?

Syed Naseer says:

Michael Maze is so humble about his backhand. His backhand flicks were exquisitely wonderful to watch.

Moszito ke says:


Harry Law says:

Boll ALC or Boll Spirit?

Chintan Mashroo says:

Hey Dan,
It always a pleasure watching your videos, its quality, editing and the content.
I always look for review comments from upcoming/club players rather than players who are well versed with the marketing strategy of brands; one of the reasons being that players who are using such expensive products have got them without paying anything whereas an upcoming player would’ve bought it and will know its actual value.
In your next video, I expect a female player from your club, who is a league/local tournament player, who is not sponsored by any brand.
I do understand that it is difficult to get equipment sponsor for such videos, but that is something what I look forward to.

Li Xiang says:

The only real issue of Tenergy 05: it’s too bloody expensive.

barina178 says:

To everyone.
In your country ,how much is TENERGY series?
In Japan,it is about 8000 yen.

Alexey Trofimov says:

Lets go for Tibhar VS Unlimited with Vladimir Samsonov)

Adamundane Edge says:

Please review the stiga pro carbon racket

Jens says:

A disadvantage of this rubber is for me his relatively lower durability. After one month of usage there are always cracks on my forhand side. It begins with quite a innocent small one and after one more month there are a few of them of the lenght about three centimeters. Then it is not playable anymore. Considering the price of the rubber it should hold at least two months when you train three times a week. Few years ago its durability was significantly longer.

たか たか says:

Ilove maze !
he is God !

Payan Payjor says:


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