Butterfly Tenergy 80 Rubber Review

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TableTennisDaily had the fantastic opportunity to review Butterfly’s latest Tenergy 80 rubber using the ALC and ZLC Timo Boll blade’s! The review looks at various techniques with the rubbers.

For more on these rubbers, check out Butterfly’s website here: http://www.butterfly.tt/info/media/video/butterfly-youtube?ytid=n3eEOXM2MqQ


Diego Castillo says:


Johnny HD says:

Please do Tenergy 64 as a review!

Francisco Vazquez says:

if you compare the Tenergy with the Bryce also from Butterfly which one would you choose better? Awsome review, congrats!!

ladislav sina says:

Give us a bat please.

Дима Козявкин says:

жалко что они не русский =(*

Jonathan Landeros says:

I wish I had as much money as you guys. That setup looks really good.

Thoeun Kong says:

are there any video reviews of tenergy 25?

Sebastian Gaida says:

I play the Tenergy80 on my forehand-side and i am very confident with it

Ronneil Camara says:

Aside from Tenergy, which other brand would you recommend for very high spin and speed? Great review of the product btw.

Victorius V says:

thx. Will be buying this rubber soon so nice to see an analysis. Great thing about you guys is your shots are consistent and I can judge the equipment based on how you both do in other videos.

Cesar Correa says:

Review some xiom rubbers

Bob Yorke says:

Two good players, wish I was the same!

Gabriel Bento says:

How do you compare tenergy 80 with donic bluefire m1?

Lovein Khullar says:

How much did you pay for the blade and rubber ?

Heinrich van Heerden says:

Thanks for the review. What alternative is there for the tenergy 80 that is not that expensive?

Ronin T says:

you barely open your mouths when you are speaking and I am having a hard time to understand your english .What kind of blades are you using ?Obvious the rubbers are very fast and spinny but I am not impressed, you see , only top players can play effective close to the table with this kind of equipment and you two are not such performers

King Abande says:

im using timoboll zlc. which rubber should i put in my blade?

Cesar Correa says:

Can some one tell me how long the tenergy rubbers (05 64 80) last because I don’t want to drop 80 dollars on a rubber that’s only going to last me a couple of months

Moisés Silva says:

what do you think best, Tenergy 80 or Tenergy 80 Fx?

Ajit Hatti says:

Thanks for the review, I really loved the way TableTennis Daily touched up on various aspects. What is the thinkness of the rubber you tested?

Gary Schlager says:

Hey Danny and Tom.  What is your regular set up thee days?  Just wondering.  I think one of you uses the Timo ALC and the other the Timo ZLC.  What rubber do you each use on these blades if I got the blades right.  Thanks.

Max Chang says:

Best Paddle: DHS Hurricane 3 Neo (Forehand), Butterfly Tenergy 80 (Backhand), Zhang Jike Super ZLC (Paddle)

Ilestun says:

T80 is not fast. To have some speed bat, you need to use it at least on a viscaria class of speed blade. On a flexible and slower blade like Innerforce AL, T80 feels like a dead rubber. BTW the best players are not using the regular Tenergies we can all buy, they are using national versions and boost them ALOT. I had a T05 from M. Maze in my hands and one my blade, the rubber is ultra mega fast, tuned to maximum, more flexible, more speed and crazy sound. I tried an Hexer, from the actual French National Champion, rubber was also nothing you can compare to the regular one, it was boosted to maximum, ultra fast, crazy sound. 

Regular T80, not boosted, is a balanced rubber, not realy fast nor slow, good spin and good control. I won’t recommend it on a flexible blade, use at least something stiff like Viscaria/TBS/TB ALC with it, it is terrible on an IF AL usless you want a slow and control rubber. Almost ANY recent offensive medium-hard rubber from Donic/Stiga/Tibhar/Andro/Victas/Xiom/….will be FAR faster than T80 on a flexible blade. Like all Tenergies, requires a stiff and rather hard blade to show his qualities. T80 is awesome with Viscaria and Zhang Jike blue Dragon blades. 

Stephen Garrett says:

Can I ask what thickness you used? 1.9 or 2.1?

Tevin Tech says:

Would you recommend using boosters, and if so, which one would do the best one.

jinabby96 says:

Your ghost serve is excellent. When most use this serve the ball bounces straight back towards the net but when you do it the ball forms an arc on the table makes the serve even stranger and more effective

Oyun Şefi says:


VoiD says:

I can clearly see Japanese rubber suits you well than using Chinese rubber, maybe because you have a half swing top spin and not full swing as all Chinese players do.

adam gajer says:

So Would You Reccomend Tenergy 80 on Forehand Or Rather Tenergy 05 on Forehand ?

TheSoundmaster01 says:

where did you get the posters in the background?

Charles J Gartner says:

butterfly shirts, shorts, table, racket, and rubber.  Fanboys?  nahhh.

Lovein Khullar says:

What is the total cost of the rubber , and the blade

Abhinav Dugar says:

make a review of yasaka mark v rubber

ezriena mohd jaya says:

can u do review on butterfly spin art as im using tenergy 64 on red and spin art on black , whats the best blade for these rubber , and i just bought spinmax red cleaner , havent used it yet but cant wait to see the result

Tommy dw says:

Sorry if this sounds stupid, I’m a beginner :/

When you buy a rubber does it come with the backhand rubber and the forehand?

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