Butterfly Timo Boll ALC Blade Review | Featuring Timo Boll

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Finally, after years of waiting and thousands of requests we are reviewing The Butterfly Timo Boll ALC, with none other than the legend himself Timo Boll. In November we were lucky enough to visit Borussia Dusseldorf to film the review using their unbelievable facility, where Timo Boll trains and represents his club in the German Bundesliga.

Thanks to Timo Boll and Butterfly for this fantastic opportunity.

Watch our previous review where we look at the Freitas ALC with Marcos Freitas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzHVZqPwW90

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topseda says:

Hi Dan, your work and passion is giving us(intermediate players) plethora of information on equipments and styles. A ton of appreciation. Can you help telling me the handle/wing differences between TB ALC and Apolonia ZLC. I love the narrow wings of TB Alc (friend’s blade) and want to switch to Apolonia ZLC for its high dwell. Please guide. Tata.

Joseph Adams says:


ngentotsemua says:

Why did Timo speak like he’s not sure what he’s talking about?

Jesper Pedersen says:

?.. I dont understand why my 2 comments are removed from here?.. It was just suggestions to 2 possible new reviews they could make ?..

Manish Kohli says:

Which rubber will suit with alc

Mohsin Siddiqui says:

I use donic coppa id gold and pryed rubber and carbon wood

Wesley Wesley says:

Great video! Have you tried the SANWEI FEXTRA? Can you give us a review of it as well?

Mauricio Moncada says:

Currently using Stiga Carbo 7.6 WRB thinking of changing to Timo Boll ALC

Tenergy Zerofive says:

Timo wins 11:2

Bayu NZ says:

Good one, Dan..you can block Timo’s top spin!

ABT says:

Contradictions, in his ZJKSZLC review he said that the speed was similar to the timo boll alc but the control was greater here he said that the alc has more control.

Dorian Ghita says:

Why are you both using the black face for the forehand?

Nathan Bradshaw says:

Can u review the new butterfly inerforce alc.s

Diogo A. P. Wanzeller says:

I want to win this Blade. Please put my name in the list. The score was 11-5 Timo.

Joachim Sivertsen says:

dan could you give me your old blade i watch ang subscribed on your channel im so poor i cant play table tennis

Rafani Adifah says:

Timo boll using, st or fl grip..?

Sakib Shadab says:

What rubbers do you use Dan?

marc_ son says:

11-6 Timo

je3ll says:

Awesome Video

Denis Dobrev says:

Timo-11 and Dan-2

Lim Chau Shern says:

Guess Timo Boll will win 11-4. Hope will get the ALC blade 🙂

Music Teacher says:

So fucking boring

Ales Hostasek says:


Vincent Simone says:

11:06 id he say flicks and long dicks?

Piyush Pandey says:

11:06 playing flicks and long dicks

John Doe says:

it is not straight handle

TableTennis Addict says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40nIK1IX5Q0&t=2s my review to the Jike Alc in German 😉

christian Funderburg says:

Did he just say it helps with flicks and long dicks at 11:07

Hiếu Nguyễn says:

How can I buy the same Viscaria in your video?, pleaseeee !!!!!

Ayushmaan Kaul says:

7:40 What a crazy touch by timo boll !!

TheMegaboyd says:

@tabletennisdaily should I buy this blade or the jun Mizutani super ZLC blade?

troll king says:

wow 10:31 pendulum underspin??? that is some next level deception.

CrazyTobit says:

The funny thing is i dont see this much spin at his fast forehand topspin 😀 I want to see how the ball flys up if u only hold the bat normal without block the ball.Srry for bad english 😀 i understand everything but i cant speak or write hahah

Jesper Pedersen says:

Or maybe Jonathan Groth, who just finished 3rd in the Europe top 16..

uganda knuckles says:

This bat looks really good

RVIDXR says:

Hey Dan, I have a question can You give me some tip how to remove old glue from the rubber? Have a nice day

Ales Hostasek says:

TB ALC is Faster than Viscaria ?

dimslp #1fan says:

It would be great if you reviewed a blade with a chopper….to see something new

Jean Emond says:

Thanks for the review !

Hamza Baig says:

Which grip does timo boll use
An or fl or st

blueHood says:

Boll’s touch gives eargasms.

Ali HostyS says:

Viscaria 90 Grams or Timo Boll ALC 90 Grams … Which Faster ?

superplanepilot says:

11:07 XDDD

Jasper Pantaleon Matilla 8C Rosenvangskolen says:

what timo boll said in 12:17

Harry Law says:

This or the Boll spirit?

lokyee yong says:

What rubber do you use on this blade ? TENERGY 05 FX?


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