Choosing a Table Tennis Bat | PingSkills – There are so many options available when choosing a table tennis bat that it becomes very confusing. Alois and Jeff break through all the details to give you a simple overview of the different types of bats, and which one you should be using depending upon your level.

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Good luck with your table tennis.

Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario


Poke Logy says:

Should I buy Tibhar

I'm Only Happy When it Reigns says:

*Hello guys. The BEST way to choose equips is to buy the most expensive setup out there and if it does not suit your level, buy the 2nd most expensive gear. Work your way down until you find the best setup.*

horst hartmut says:

hey _voidz_
friendship 729 fx is a cheap and out of the age rubber. it’s out of the 70’s or 80’s. Nevertheless the top sheet (rubber) is of good and long lasting quality, especially if your playing outside. For learning it is not good, because of the sponge.
You can get now 729 fx lightning oder super soft, with a lot better sponge to practice the technics. in your case I would recommend the lightning with a thicker sponge, that you used with the regular or old fx, which aren’t much more expensive.

Roy Judge says:

super videos guys; I’ve just back into the sport after 30 years absence and using my 60 year old bats! I’m looking to buy a new bat and have taken note of your advice. However, in passing, i noticed Alois serving seemingly illegally. He seems to throw the ball up and back into his bat and wondering how he gets away with it???? Roy

Helen Creak says:

How do I avoid hitting the ball high on a backhand

Ch. Jothsna sri Kathyayani says:

Because i use bat of stag

One Plus Fan says:

how much would you rate the butterfly addoy 2000 on a scale of 1 to 10

Clinton Arthur says:

isnt the wood more important than the rubber

Vanak Chuch says:

Thank for your teaching.I can control the ball more better than before.

CORAL says:

hi, what are all the different categories, etc 3 star, 4 star and so. ? what do they mean

SMOKER says:

I am planning to buy artengo fr930, would you recommend it? I saw that its thick so I thought it would be nice for spins. I am a decent player who can get nice spin on balls.

Zubair Mohammed says:

Hi, nice tips…and a great vid. Just wanted to know and ask, I am buying the “Donic Waldner 900” table tennis bat at soon…………….So is it good and Should I buy it?

Ahmad Hosseini says:

What about Friendship 729? Is it any good for a beginner? How long does it resist?! Thanks.

horst hartmut says:

for all of those starting to begin playing table tennis. one of the most important things is, that you find a bat that suits you right. that means a bat with a handle that fits to your hands and technics. small hands small handle, large hands thicker handle, and whether straight, konkav or anatomic the one that suits you right ! : )


Hello guys, I am playing now for almost a year with a DHS 6002 and is time for a new paddle, a new level: I just bought the Killerspin JET800 SPEED N1 Table Tennis Paddle for almost $100 and after watching this and other videos I am not so sure about it. Is this a better paddle that the DHS? What do you recommend for $80-$120 price range?

NaHonDA says:

Where’s the cool explosion at the back when he threw the bat?

Morten Lejel says:

I remember the first bat i used was andzrej grubba all+ blade with two sriver fx´s on it. That bat was very good to begin with

GoldenEliteTv says:

Is a 5 star fox bat good

austin wilson says:

You forgot about the school ones lol. Half a rubber on one side. None on the other.

Shubham Singh says:

Hey I would suggest to make a video of unique shots that can be practiced and perfected and then used in a game!

Suresh Chander says:

Hi pingskills I love your website and channel. Can you recommend a racket below 5 USD for a beginner. How about a yinhe

Kulshrestha singh haker says:

wow pong skills

TT Romain Bern says:

Hi Guys! In a video from EmratThitch, I’ve heard that in chinese tt philosophy, the most important part of a bat is the wood (80%), then come the rubbers (20%).
This statement is probably more relevant for high level players. What do you think about it?

Sunitha Prajapat says:

can I get a free bat from you plz for state level championship I will winn surely if u send me any 1 bat for me plz respond any bat of u r favorite plz plz call me

Gpki Indi says:

Some Questions 1. what are the black and red sides for, any considerations around them ? 2. for a Custom one, does paddle wood needs to get replaced like rubber obviously does and how does one come to know about it ?.

James Bell says:

I have a pre-made,4 star, Franklin Procore Paddle.Is it okay for professional play?

Pawan Bhasin says:

plz help .. Yasaka Sweeden Defensive OR Tibhar stratus power Defense ..In terms of maximum control.

Suresh Chander says:

and which star ball of which company

amandeep singh says:

Which is the cheap and good TT bat for me

Nobody Kumar says:

GKI NANO FORCE is which type of racket?

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