DHS Hurricane 8 Rubber Review

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TableTennisDaily had the fantastic opportunity to review DHS’s latest rubber, the Hurricane 8 using a Butterfly Timo Boll and a STIGA Carbonado 145 blade with STIGA player Tom Maynard an Daniel Ives.

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MA STER says:

How does the Rubber perform with normal celluloid Balls?

Smash Gaming says:

So fast

I IRIMIA I says:

nice video guys. can you give me a link to where I can buy it? something reliable, there are alot of fakes on the market

Romit Nahar says:

Which rubber is it? DHS Hurricane 8 Mid-Hard or Hard?

joll1e says:

Hi TTD, Can You guys make a reviews of Yasaka Rakza Rubbers, which I think are quite popular to some European players especially we know the Swedish rising top players Mattias and Kristian Karlsson using Rakza rubbers 🙂

Tzachi Presler says:

Do you consider that rubber an offensive rubber?
Also any chance to review Yinhe 11+ blade?


Maitha Keith Mondragon says:

please do review for XIOM Hayabusa Zxi blade, thanks

1blank5 says:

What’s the difference between a tacky rubber and a non tacky rubber??


Where there is sell rubber Hurricane 8

MS.P says:

Watching this video again, I’m sure that I received a fake hurricane 8

hong tt says:

Please review butterfly spin art. It is a good rubber. The feeling is similar to hurricane 8 and have even higher speed.

Ansal Dsouza says:

I want to ask a question that if I put Tibhar MX-P on FH & DHS Skyline TG2 with DHS PG9 blade will this setup work or not???

Mintay - Factions says:

They get paid to say certain things about the products they review

Koste Kostojcinoski says:

Thx for the nice review :D. would someone tell me which blade suits best this thick chinese rubber whether it’s hurricane 8 or neo 3. all-wood 5/7 ply or carbon blade would be better? What about stiffnes and hardness of the blade. Thanks in advance.

Glenn Ron says:

I am in primary school

Ray says:

hi! great review! i just wanna ask wich sponge hardness you used? the hard or the mid one? thx 😀

LeoTaxilFrance says:

Just a commercial show for idiots!

Molen Lee says:

yes i will have it

Glenn Ron says:

my father never one to purchased me one

北の帝王 says:


Pablitorrinco says:

cuando los chicos se ponen traviezos es porque la goma es buena ;D

Arthur Yunzal says:

Nice review, Thanks a Lot

faja19851 says:

Yasaka rising dragon in shining dragon. please

pingp0ngpaul says:

Interesting you guys really have to play more upright, whats ur thoughts more arm than wrist for chinese style, particularly penhold ?

Andy Zhao says:


Mitul Bhattacharya says:

Can anybody tell me which one to get Gold Arc 8 or Bluefire JP-03?????

shogrran says:

What I don’t like about “tacky” types of rubbers is that they lose the “tackiness” quite fast. And then you rely on the dwell time again for spin. So either they don’t last very long or you just have to adjust somewhere in the middle when you don’t have that much tackiness anymore.

Pawan Bhasin says:

Hi can anyone please help me deciding which is better combination out of following three:-
BLADE :- Yasaka Sweeden Defensive
RUBBER :- Yasaka Rising Dragon + Yasaka Phantom Infinity 012.
BLADE :- Tibhar Stratus Power Defense
RUBBER :- Tibhar Aurus + Tibhar Grass Dtecs.
BLADE :- Stiga Allround Classic
RUBBER :- Stiga Calibra Lt + Stiga Destroyer ..
Thanks in advance

Aizec Olson says:

Is this rubber ittf approved?

Elkhalal says:

what is the blade did you use in this review ?

Stann the Musicman says:

Thank you for this review. i end up buying H8 for my FH. 🙂
Can you do a review for the other new rubbers from DHS like the H3-50, Skyline 3-60, and DHS LONG 3/5 blade. that would be of a big help if you do. I haven’t seen any good video reviews of those rubbers I’ve mentioned. Thanks! 🙂 Keep it up!

CloneHat says:

Sounds like a high-quality tacky rubber. Nice rallies. Was there a big difference between the red and black?

Haiman's TV says:

Dan are these rubbers the reason chinese have advantage over europeans? if so why don’t europeans use these rubber as well?

Rai Kirat says:

The tackiness of this rubber doesn’t last long. Tried Hurricane 3 Neo or something. Really useless after that.

Tevin Tech says:


Pippo Win says:

I don´t like chinese rubbers, they feel like “dead” rubbers the sponge is so hard

BM RąłphŁąuręñ says:

Does tabletennis11.com, prott.vip and megaspin.net sell the real( not fake with manufacture code) DHS Hurricane 8 rubber?

Adam karam says:

maybe review the hurricane 3 neo sometime ?

Валентин Ранченко says:

Hello. Can u tell me what hardness of rubber you tested? Did it mid-hard or hard version??
Thank you.

Job Verhoeven says:

Could you guys please compare the DHS Hurricane 3 (Neo) to the Hurricane 8? It would help me so much!

DJ FuSixx says:

Can you pls test the new Gold Arc 8 and Gold Arc 5?

RazerSharp Gaming says:

which is better the tenergy 80? or the rubber that you are reviewing in this video

北の帝王 says:


Juan Santiago says:

Do a review for hurricane 3-50 or skyline 3-60 please

paulinho azevedo says:

What is the thickness of the hurricane 8 that you use on this video?

Arthur Dickinson says:

Go to table tennis direct for equipment info

riflix Bistmode says:

hey +TableTennisDaily i got a question, what do you think of TG2 neo skyline rubber? Do you think this is a decent rubber to use.

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