Donic Bluefire M1 Rubber Review

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Thanks to TopSpinSports, Daniel Ives, Tom Maynard, and Kingfisher Table Tennis Club in the making of this review.

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TableTennisDaily had the fantastic opportunity to review Andro’s latest Rasant Turbo Rubbers.

Dan used the Waldner Senso Carbon blade and Tom used the Ovtcharov blade in the review which looked at the Donic Bluefire M1 rubbers on both sides of their blades. The review looks at various techniques and a range of shots used in today’s modern game of table tennis.

Thanks to Donic, Daniel Ives, Tom Maynard, and Kingfisher Table Tennis Club in the making of this review.

For more on the Donic Blurefire M1 Rubber visit the TopSpinSports website:


Axon cdd says:

buen vídeo.

Table Tennis fanatic says:

I would absolutely love to see you review the Comic Bluestorm Z2 & Z3 along with a Gold Arc 8 review if interested. Thanks TTD!

Goriaas says:

compared to a Chinese rubber short game is awful but it’s way better far off the table

ladislav sina says:

Give us a bat please.

Nicrotix . . . says:

What is better Tenergy or Bluefire?

Bryan jhones says:

Review for Bluefire Jp versions or M2 and M3 please..

Xiom IVeuro says:

can you review the xiom omega iv euro?

Alina Haendschke says:

Need Donic Acuda series in Review 😀

Bryan jhones says:

Less? Or lots?

Jeff says:

Whats better m1 or m3 pls reply cuz i will buy a rubber soon

Yash Raj says:

please review yasaka mark V

M.I says:

Butterfly is not good

Sorin Mircea says:

Hey Dan! How many years of tt training do you have and how many hours per week aprox. I feel discouraged when i look at your moves and i compare them with my moves. I wanna know when will i reach this level if ever 🙂 thanks!

ABT says:

you guys are horrible players…

PongGod says:

Nice review!

Rubenbp_ says:

patrocinais a Donic, usais una mesa Butterfly jajajaa

Mitul Bhattacharya says:

Can you do a review on Donic bluefire JP-03 ? I am confused which one to get ..M1 turbo or JP-03?

silentscribes says:

Does anybody know what he said at 2:24

T AW says:

please review the donic bluefire M2?

saurabh jaolikar says:

Guys thank you for the review. May I request you to give a review on Bluefire M2 and Bluefire JP1. Thank you so much.

StrackeN Olsson says:

wich bat should i use for thoose rubbers (sorry for bad english i hope someone understands :p)

mete yildiz says:

Great Review !

Dima Shevchenko says:

Well played and nice video!

HenryMania says:

I think I’m going to step away from the Bluefire M series. The rainbow arc they create is too much, leaving high balls smash friendly. I guess anything over 6.0 throw angle is too extreme. This was very noticeable on my backhand when I will go for the shot but instead I end up creating this high arc missing the table completely. I noticed similar things happening in this review too. It’s also a rubber when a high smashable ball arrives, if you lower the angle and hit it will end up in the net, if you open the bat angle and hit it it will create weird arc, which to me makes it a little unpredictable when you want to just go for it. Therefore brushing motion is the only way and keep the angle super low regardless of incoming backspin or topspin.
I need to try a low throw angle rubber. At the moment I’m kinda happy with the Rasant PowerGrip on forehand but it’s not perfect either.

You Tube says:

this or evolution mxp

I watch the worst videos says:

Can u do a blue fire m3 review???

Zoster says:

great review guys, thanks!

T AW says:

well done ..

Sblinger says:

fuckin awsum … gotta get m3

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