Video : DHS Hurricane Long 3 Review

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Stig says:

so the lesson from this video, get yourself a Long 3 and bluefire in the end DHS and donic will do the rest

Firdaus Rosidi says:

hey please review Dhs hurricane b2 fang Bo blade… tq

Greentech Dong A says:

If you can evaluate the paddles on the same scale 10 or 20 about looping, touch etc… it’s really help

Dynamic Sprite Productions says:

Do a review of Yinhe t8s arylate carbon blade

GreenEggsAndHam says:

cool review, knowledgeable, precise and to the point. 

Mighty Edwin says:

I think this blade is at least twice as fast

DoggyPoo says:

consider getting a more balanced opponent for the sake of practice drills and matches as this guy didn’t attack once in the entire video.

Todd Fee says:

if Anybody wants to see a review on the hurricane 3 NEO review look on my channel

DROSE says:

Review amultart!

shogrran says:

@fastpaddle’s channel Do you have a comparison video for boosted and non boosted rubbers? I’ve not been playing for the last few years and during that time speed glue has been banned. I wanted to know if there’s really a difference or if that’s just placebo.

Anton Praja says:

VERY NICE Coach !!! Ma Long indeed my hero

zhen h says:

very nice review! quite useful !thank you!!!

Firdaus Rosidi says:

hey please review Dhs hurricane b2 fang Bo blade… tq

Firdaus Rosidi says:

hello.. please review Dhs hurricane b2 fang Bo blade… tq

Ben Pork says:

Looks like a very expensive review. Thanks.

Fun classy says:

Which blade is better hurricane long 3 or Timo boll ALC?

Quentin Kwan says:

which bluefire was used for this

MokshaNow says:

Thank you very much for posting this review. Would you please tell me what rubbers you used on your forehand and backhand?

TheMinecraftApples says:


Ujjval Verma says:

please comment on comparison with DHS PG-9… i heard both plays the same and having similar speed too

decoyla says:

506 is 7 ply jsut like clipper same as Ml3

Julien B says:

Is it a 9 plys like the 506, Barwell Fleat … or just 7 plys like a Clipper ?

Valentinas Riauba says:

Damm the avenue is to god damm good

Abdullah Amir says:

Review spinlord defender2

Lightzy says:

I’m guessing barameters is a combination of parameters and barometers?

Todd Fee says:

Look at my channel I review table tennis products such as blades, rubbers, and more.

HenryMania says:

I bought it. I don’t know if I should have wasted this much money on a blade but it’s here. Luckily I paid no where near retail price and just about triple digits. Yeah it’s fast, it took me a while to find the range as I kept missing the table which is to be expected coming from ALL+ blades. Short game seems to suffer and it’s aggressive style you need to implement where you want to go for the third ball winner. You won’t have problem winning with speed as this blade is fantastic and still not the fastest mind you. This is one of the fastest all wood blades and my god it’s so much better compared to carbon/fiberglass etc. the noise it makes in comparison with Tenergy rubbers is just awesome (dat speedglue effect doe). I like the feel of all wood and I’m glad I abandoned my carbon layered ones. I can comfortable attack from long distance with Long 3, blocking is piece of cake, just push them back till you create yourself an opportunity to attack. Touch game is not it’s strong point. It really unleashed my game a bit to be honest, I’m definitely keeping the blade for a long long time.

p.s It has great sweet spot as mentioned and control is nice. You need to be accurate with your movement and placement though. You will be forcing blockers and lazy people away from the table, making them work for their shot. Just remember, to unleash the full potential this blade requires you to be in good shape.

Long2404 says:

How is the hurricane 3 long flexible or stiff? The speed is comparable to a butterfly blade off+: photino light,amultart etc… ?

Anand Yadav says:

hey ways the difference between ma long 2 and 3 blades apart from handle color?

Anand Yadav says:

hey ways the difference between ma long 2 and 3 blades apart from handle color?

Karsten 0100010101101101010101000100010101001011 says:

nice Report !

5up3rfa5t says:

How heavy was this blade, 89g, 90g, 91g, or 92g?

Alvaro Macedo says:

Hi Brian, looking to buy  ablade that gives a very good control such as: DHS hurricane Hao III I saw you guys are selling the dhs hurricane hao what s the difference between these 2 blades? Thank you

Nedu Nonny P says:

Why is it that there’s not Add To cart Or Purchase Link On Items On FastPaddle??. 😕

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