Handcrafted Ping Pong Paddles – Why Not?!

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In this video I’m making two ping pong paddles to go with a custom ping pong table we’re building. The paddles are made from mesquite and Texas pecan, with walnut burl handles.

– Be on the lookout for an upcoming video showcasing how we built the ping pong table you see in this video!

Power Tools I use:
Bands Saw: https://amzn.to/2GBUQV7

Hand Tools I Use:
Combination square: http://amzn.to/2CUvaR3
Bench Chisels: http://amzn.to/2oFCA64
Block Plane: http://bit.ly/2uayiZi
Spokeshave: http://bit.ly/2qqKGT9

Camera Gear:
Main Camera: https://amzn.to/2HeQ006
Mic: https://amzn.to/2F2qkls

Thanks for tuning in!


Charlie Mio says:


(I actually do like ’em but justifying something because “why not” is just lazy)

至高无上港督 says:


bướm Bất tử says:

Việt nam chỉ làm cái này đúng 1 tiếng là ok

miniyodadude says:

I want to see some rubber on that

Alex Magallanes says:

Great work Andy! You are truly a craftsman.

Ken Yun says:

Everyone in this comment section is either an admirer of his woodworking or a triggered table tennis player and I love it cause I can relate to both.



Cadmodel says:

Awesome skills!

Nate Pig says:

Colab with Bob from ILTMS

Luudite says:

Why not indeed 😉

Silas McGriff says:


Megan Bingca says:

What wood were used in making these blades?

And how many layers?

Worldclassttennis says:

Wow… I’m interested to try that paddle you made. …

T.T.V MIDSTARS middelstum says:

hello I am jeffrey kremer from the Netherlands
I have a slight intellectual disability
I do tabletennis
I have no money for bat you could send me 1 free
address is wilgenlaan 10 middelstum 9991EC jeffrey kremer
thank you very much

Dan O'Connor says:

What’s the clamp thing at 7:08?

СЕРГЕЙ Маркович says:

Неплохо выглядит, какие характеристики? Я бы купил.

Sambo's Stop Mo's says:

Been watching it vids since almost the start, love the way that bandsaw works!!

Ethan Johnson says:

I don’t know where to get 0000 grit

camman1056 says:

This man has wood.

Mak'e Qila says:

belum karbon

AWO says:

make a table tennis board

michael knowlden says:

I find this very interesting but not for his workmanship which is fantastic. But I see a country boy aka red neck (texas boy) making an Asian game paddle. Beautiful! Caint play but white man caint jump or dance either lol.
This white boy caint either lol. But I’m making them too.

hulk hogan says:

You can categorise these videos in a series which you can call “Why not”

Mike_ Alpha says:

Aye could you have my babies no homo

Flame says:

Did he just make a smoothie?

Putra Dewa says:

i want one!!!

iic6 Lal says:

Can you make a paddle for me


How much did you pay to get all those wood (not joking) because I want to make this btw by all those wood I mean all those. wood in your warehouse

Baizakova Asanbek says:

резинкасы қайда мəзгə

TableTennis BelgiumTV says:

Nice 😀

Mateusz Troka says:

I have been playing table tennis for 17 years now, if you just add some carbon fibers and different wood composite I might be able to use your blade professionally:D

Murilo Lima says:

Very good

Jack Andrews says:

these vids are awesome

av Good says:

I want to buy

Sam Wende says:

What beautiful wood!

Adamundane Edge says:

I would buy these xD

Neat Nate says:

You are a pro

Oliver Stark says:

Where are the rubbers

Michael Boivin says:

I dunno why but i wanted to drink that brown shit he made in the beginning after he ran the wood through what i think was a plainer lol

Bin Yu says:

Is this koto+ayous+koto?

glossary90 says:

put rubbers on it and lets see the spin

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