How to change table tennis rubbers

This video shows how to change old rubbers for new ones. Tenergy 05 on forehand and Tenergy 64 on backhand. The old rubbers are peeled off at a diagonal to prevent the wood fibers on the racket from splintering. Blade used is a Butterfly Viscaria ALC.
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sion.z says:

i am kid playing tt can give me some any good rubbers for penhold backhand??

jomtack kreanga says:

what’s glue? and how long time you put old rubber on blade it’s looks like so stick with blade?

Lucas Carrijo says:

What did you use to cut the eraser?

Martin Williams says:

I have an issue where the red rubber is coming away from the yellow sponge.
would taking the red up and applying glue to the yellow work?
or would I need to buy a whole new red rubber and yellow sponge?
any help would be much appreciated

erika tan says:

you could have just bought a blade
it is only like $5 or 480 piso in the Philippines

てんめい says:


top 10 tt says:

Hurricane 3 national and tenergy 05 is the best combination

Azhao 123 says:

The tenergy looks fake

Fjr afi says:

What are you doing with the brush on the tissue (4:40)? Btw, nice video…

Vedanth Vuthandam says:

This is basically my racket with the colors revesed. Love It!

Jeongwoo CHOI says:

So so so so so so so satisfiying how u spreeeeeeeeeeead the glue across the rubber…. 😀

Cynthia Abutan says:

What glue is that?

賴明德 says:


AJMiner says:

Hey, what did you use to cut it?

Jake Paik says:

Like 77~50$

Шварц Арнольд says:

а че их снимать они же как новые

Huy Hà says:

What is gule

Emmanuel Berjamin says:

Are you able to use it after

mohammed asi says:

how much this wood and rubber cost

table tennis info says:

Can i use donic viro clean..?

JpSema says:

is the T05 on your Backhand?

Eric Fehrmann says:

butterfly fangirl

ブドウマスカット says:


Allen Lei says:

how much it cost in japan? the blade and 05 64

rozzner tellen says:

Hey! Why do you need to dry the glue before putting them together?.

Libia Mariano says:

só eu de BR?

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