How to Choose Best Setup in Table Tennis

What is the best combination (racket + rubber) in table tennis? Best paddle for a beginner? top bat for spin or for speed? These are the common questions that you asked. Today, coach EmRatThich will explain 3 types of setup in table tennis. You will understand more about the table tennis equipment, and why Chinese players love using a very hard rubber on a flexible blade.

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Shahid Meir says:

sir , how is DHS hurricane 3 neo on forehand for looping technique ??.
and what is the best blade for this rubber .??
what rubber would be best for the back hand ??

Ansh Chhabra says:

Hey. I have been following you for quite sometime. The problem in India is, u haven’t found a sport shop that gives you more than a stiga or butterfly blade along with MarkV.

Can you suggest me a blade and the rubber for overall playing style.
PS : I’m more of an offensive player!

And is there a website where I can order it from online?

Please reply ! Wanting to buy a good quality TT racket. My old one is a markV plus Stiga Legend (All-round Edition)

Need something allround but really offensive!!

Specialty C. S. says:

coach I like to use medium pimples on my backhand and smooth maybe hard or soft rubber on fh what blade do you recommend.
thank you.

Cik Lan says:

hello, I now just starting to play with custom racket. I got advice start of with Otcharov senso v1 (7ply all wood), so i can used it for long time. what is your opinion?

Bulut und Hanna Duman says:

Hi EmRatThich. I am so sad i watch this video too late. I bought a bat for maybe 100€. Very hard, stiff blade and very soft backhand rubber, it bounces like kilometers away :@ but forhand rubber is medium-hard dhs rubber. I can realy feel dhs rubber has a lot more control. But now i have a question. First i like to play with control and with a lot of spin but also i am not a defence player. Because of that should i buy an all-around blade or soft blade?

Esteban Jaramillo Bolivar says:

Hello.I’m very happy with the conclusion of this video, as I know now that I have a very good combination of blade and rubbers after 2 expensive mistakes, and its paying off in my training sessions and in matches.
For those asking what are the benefits of flexible blades I will grab the definition of ttdb: Flexible Blades have a longer dwell time, generating more spin, they also perform well for mid distance looping, stiff blades are better for smashing and blocking, also stiff blades are in general more fast than flexible blades.
For those asking what is a flexible blade: its a blade that is capable of “certain degree of bent during a full motion stroke” (imagine a bamboo tree), in contrast, stiff blades don’t bent.
My first blade, was a fast OFF blade – medium stiffness – and fast euro rubbers: Nittaku Acoustic Carbon Inner + Tibhar Evolution MX-S for FH and El-S for BH
My second blade was a faster OFF+ blade – medium hard stiffness – and fast euro rubbers: Andro Treiber Z + Tibhar Evolution MX-P for BG and Donic Bluefire JP03 on FH
They where both very nice and expensive blades, but i was loosing to much control and consistency on my strokes, those blades where not for my level, they where too fast, and my technique was stuck, this was also confirmed by my coach.
I began the search for a nice blade, this time, I read a lot and saw a lot of videos, and make a lot of investigation on ttdb (You can compare the level of stiffness of a blade there and many more attributes like speed material hardness), and wrote a pair of forum topics here and there asking for advice. I also ask for advice to many coaches, including EmRat Tich (he replied by the way), and thought a lot in what i wanted… I want to develop a two winged looping – aggressive style with excellent technique like chinese players (I can only hope jajajaja). After many research i came to this conclusion: I needed a Flexible blade in the off- category with a medium hard wood on the outer plies + hard tacky Chinese rubbers, i needed an all wood blade then, as composite blades are stiffer. This would force me to correct my technique, and develop good full motion strokes, and would give me the control that i was lacking close to the table and on loops(due to the tackiness), so my third expensive blade is:
A nittaku Violin with DHS hurricane 3 neo on BH and a DHS Skyline 3 neo on the FH, and its all I was dreaming it to be, after a month of training with it, I am a better player now (I’m still at intermediate level though jajaja), I sold my other blades and never looked back, playing with this set its a marvel, and my couch is very happy, thought more advanced players than me, told me that it is slow. I think this is because they are so much used to euro stile rubbers like tenergy that they became lazy to put their own energy on the ball, letting the rubbers to do all the job.
If you are looking for a set that suits EmRat Tich descriptions, and want to develop an aggressive stile like chines ones, I would recommend this set( If you are more onto defending, smashing or chopping and want to keep going on that, don’t buy a flexible blade by any means), if the Violin is too expensive for you, you can choose another flexible blades like Xiom Offensive S or Butterfly Primorac (Both of them are off-) and are much more cheaper, and if you want tacky rubbers more cheap than DHS ones, you can search for Friendship 729 or another brands
Sorry for the long post, thanks for your advice EmRat Tich

Tzik Villavert says:

Thank you! I switched from OFF++ Donic Ovtcharov CarboSpeed to DEF Yasaka Sweden Defensive and noticed the difference in spin and control right away. Im an offensive player and I use Donic Bluefire M1 in forehand and Bluefire M2 in backhand.

Liam Cannon says:

What do you think of Xiom rubbers ?

Zoster says:

hey, thanks for the valuable insight! when you say had but thin rubber, how thin are you thinking? Thank You!

yash yadav says:

i have recently updated my basic carbon ply donic perrson off to tibhar startus all wood play (power wood)…is it good?…i am using dhs hurrican 3 neo on FH and on BH DONIC coppa gold…is it good ?…plz help me sir i need ur review

Akash Gajwani says:

Hello Coach, I have shared a query 15 days back on your Facebook Link shared above. Looking forward for your valuable input. Thanks

Venz Dizon says:

hi coach,can u teach me how to choose the best rubber thickness?

Akshay Kumar says:

Hello Coach @EmRatThich : I am avid follower of your video tutorials and always lookout for your tips and suggestions to improve the technique. On your advise on understanding my game and choosing right setup. I am moving from begineer to an intermediate stage. All this while i played with local stag prebuilt racket and often had issues controlling. I’ve gone ahead and bought : Stiga Allround Classic with , Tibhar Evolution MX-P (red/black) . so my understanding was this blade gives me good feel and awesome control but not much speed. To compensate i’ve got the Tibhar evolution mx-p which is not too soft a medium hard rubber but gives me that speed i lack from blade. I guess my understanding of the setup is correct and my playing style is offensive. I would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have.

Trick Shotz says:

Should we buy 2.0mm or 2.2mm rubber?

Dan Ackerman says:

can you try donic epox offensive with bluefire m2 on both sides

Dummy Acc Coc says:

Is the ciom stradivarius good?

Zoster says:

Coach, regarding the blade, flexible, ok, but what about outer wood layer? How soft/which type do you reccomand? Tha k You!

kent llenes says:

hi coah can you give me some example of flexible blade.

Dipti Jain says:

Sir, what do we mean by a flexible blade?

jo wangtang says:

hello coach,
how to choose the thickness of the rubber in this combination(hard rubber+soft wood)?
is 1.8 millimeters sufficient or should it already be 2 millimeters?

as far as i remember, someone told me, the rubber provide their properties just with 2 millimeters?!

btw… i am thinking about a combination of the new xiom vega def and an 5ply hinoki all+

thank you in advance for your hints and sorry for my horrible english!

Hans Mark says:

Thanks for your generous advice. Now i know that i have the right combination for my game.and level. I play with OSP blade Expert, and tenergy 25 , flexibel,and medium hard rubber.
Have a nice day.

Jocmichael Lorenzo says:

i earn a little knowledge on having a nice set up, im playing for about 6 years, i play tournaments in our region but my shots in forehand is not consistent even i play and practise every night. i think this helps a lot. thankyou coach

BrianJohmKim says:

EmRatThich Table Tennis Coach, what are some cheaper chinese rubbers that you would recommend that would be similar to a DHS Hurricane 3 rubber in terms of hardness and tackiness?

pips master says:


Katherine Meigl says:

You may go to woodprix website if you’d like to make it yourself guys.

Nines says:

Is there anything special to take into account when using a penhold (with rpb) setup that is different from what you mentioned in the video? I thought of buying the Stiga allround or offensive classic plus Hurricane 3 and Skyline 3 rubbers. Would you recommend a different setup?

rohan palaparthi says:

Thank you!!!!

Maria Muskimin says:

Hello.I have a question.My blade is carbon blade, but if the blade we can manipulate the control or speed,can I use it?Thank you

Yap Wie says:

hi, im penholder and has been using some cheap tacky Chinese rubber for a year and feel very comfortable. Yesterday i tried Hurricane III blue sponge and its very hard. shud i change the set up in order to adapt with harder rubber ? thanks

Bahtijar Skrijelj says:

I love your videos they are very informative and entertaining. Just fantastic how you explain everything. I have one question.You said a hard rubber with a flexible blade is a good setup (kick effect, spin,control) but do you know any examples for that.Maybe from the brand Yinhe or Palio brcause they are cheaper than other.Like maybe around 30-50$? Thanks.

Marek Fedorovic says:

Surprised to see that not a single suggestion or question from commenters about 7ply Sanwei FEXTRA. I wonder to which category this blade belong? I am in search for a good rubber to match with this nice blade!

Very good video!

Ivan de pauw says:


I am planning to buy a Stiga all round classic blade. I am a beginning table tennis player who has already developed a technique to a lesser extent. Which rubbers would you recommend to me on this blade?

Thanks for your answer.

Ivan De Pauw

Tom Wei says:

I understand the logic behind the concept of hard rubber and flexible blade. But without having tackiness the hard rubber is difficult to spin on serves. It needs momentum such as a high toss or opponent loop to generate the spin. With this set up would I lose spinny serves with hard rubber? Also what do you mean by “flexible” blade? Do you mean with a slower speed rating? Can you please give some examples? The DHS Ma Long blade is rated at very fast.

Mansoorali J says:

coach can u plz tell ne about artengo FR990 i am thinking to buy it

BramV013 says:

I don’t agree on the statement that a soft blade + a soft rubber = control. I find such setups to be wildly unpredictable, particularly with modern tensor rubbers. I like a thick and stable blade with a hard outer ply and a medium to hard rubber for control myself.

Grumbel Bumbel says:

Another example of an illegaly treated chinese rubber that passed the ITTF test… Notice the “kick effect”… -.-

thilina says:

What’s the best drip for offensive atarck players? But need good feeling and vibration

Aroon Thongyod says:

Hello Coach
Is Timo Boll Spirit work well for DHS H3neo ?

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