How To Hold a Table Tennis Bat | PingSkills – Learn how to correctly hold a Table Tennis bat using the shakehand grip or the penhold grip. This Table Tennis coaching lesson is proudly brought to you by PingSkills.

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Subathra Devi says:



Hi there Alois, thanks for the awesome videos, I was just wondering should the red face of the bat be on my forhand or my backhand? thanks for answering

Smileyfaceanimations says:

My grip is a lot like shake hand grip except, I leave my index finger vertically up the bat, is that bad

Shelter says:

Hi PingSkills. Is it normal to slightly shift your grip when switching from forehand to backhand or vice versa? I’m currently using SH

muhammad ikmal says:

i have hold my racket very tightly for long i decided to change it by loosing my wrist, my topspin against block are getting better, but now i have problem to loop backspin ball. should i change back my old style or keep practicing with this new style?

Yoga Fire says:

is it okay to use more than one finger on the backhand during the shakehand? I feel it gives me more control but does it have any major diasadvantage that I don’t know of?

Life is Musicz says:

Can I change the grip between a RALLY

glossary90 says:

If your pointer finger goes over the rarcquet that much how do you hit a proper backhand? Shouldnt almost the whole finger rest on the racquet?

Umer ahsan says:

Which one grip u use

filthy frick says:

I have been holding like the SH grip but with my thumb on the side of the racket and my finger kinda curled up across the bottom. This makes my backhand pretty useless as the ball often hits my finger. I have not tried using the original SH grip because I feel like I lose quite a bit of control. Should I try adapting to the normal SH anyway?

Neat - Rocket League says:

I think I’m holding the pen hold grip wrong it keeps hurting my pointing finger

Sandeep Ram says:

hi, can i switch the grip from hand shake to pen hold grip during the match. is that mandatory to stick to one grip during the match?

Mr.Moody says:

are those the only two LEGAL ways? I know people who hold the bat with with their fingers around the bat itself

Athena He says:

I hold pens differently so my penhold grip is a bit different. My middle finger doesn’t go behind the paddle; instead it sort of rests above it (on my last joint). I recently found out that I was holding the paddle wrong and tried to adapt, but whenever I play for an extended period of time, my PH goes back to the way I normally do it. Also, whenever I attempt the correct PH method, the middle joint of my middle finger rubs a lot against the back of the paddle and gets hurt. Will my old PH grip cause problems with the rules?

Senan M says:

Is it legal to use other grips, and can you make up your own?

magesticmaniacc says:

I am confused between Palio Expert 2 or Dunlop 7000 Revolution. Any suggestions.

qmanzo says:

I will start with shakehand grip.i love using my forehand.

White Fang says:

Hi, I switched to a new, more powerful racket recently and have been having trouble adjusting my forehand shots to it // was feeling uncomfortable with the grip, on comparing the two I have discovered that my new racket has a smaller handle which I am pretty sure is a large part of the problem. Have you any advice for adjusting? Any tension in the grip will instantly ruin my game as I have problems with that. :/

Marquez Robinson says:

I tend to push my my thumb and pointer and middle finger together more control. The downside is that you sometimes have the ball hit your hand which sucks.

NadavG says:

Should you chamge the angle of the SH grip when changing from forehand to backhand like you would in tennis?

Mordred Pendragon says:

Can you make video how reverse penhold backhand?

Cheilith says:

For the Shakehand grip can I put the top of my thumb on the back of the racket?

GaMe It_ oR fOrGeT iT OR FORGET IT says:

awesome grip pingskills keep it up plz.. pray for me to be a professional table tennis player like you

osman goraya says:

Shake hand grip is the best one and is suitable to majority of players

ButtCancer says:

I hold it like the shake hand grip but my thumb and pointer finger are both on the side of the bat that is facing towards me and both my fingers are pointing up at an angle, idk what it does but i have a better backhand than forehand, I’m also left handed and I’m not sure if that changes anything either

islam son says:

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Aroop Rath says:

Can I keep my index and thumb finger on one side of the bat and play with the other side the whole time??? Actually it is comfortable for me as compared for the shakehand grip. Please respond to it

Daniel Yoon says:

the pen hold grip came naturally to me before i even saw this video

Cheilith says:

For the Shakehand grip can I put the top of my thumb on the back of the racket?

Mayank Singh says:

Is it necessary to put only one finger on the backside of a table tennis racket in a shake hand grip? I am used to putting my index and middle finger both on the back so will it cause problems in technique or according to the rules of table tennis?

iPepy says:

I have a much better serve with the PH but everything else is better with the SH

Keub says:

Is any hold Legal because I grew up holding the bat my way. If I will be trying to change it, it will be really hard because I started with that hold.

Gaming and tech says:

Penhold is best

john smith says:

what do you think about grip tape on paddle or should people not do it

shailesh pal says:

Hi there, thnx for all videos……..Well, I use SH grip and am a forehand power player so I find hard on my backhand but as my opponents came to know my backhand weakness I started doing jobs on my backhand as well and I am very good at BH drives in my training sessions but I feel as if Iam loosing my FH shots as I am working with a tiny change in my grip during games i.e. I use my thumb over the rubber for BH shots and as it comes to rally for FH shots I am already used to hit it removing that thumb from rubber keeping of the top of the handle……using thumb in such manner for BH shots prevent my bat to move, and keeps bat stable during BH shots and its wondreful feeling while hitting and type of BH shots pressing that THUMB……….pls help should I still give myself bit more time to be autopilot using tiny change ……….

duhh im ugly says:

Thank god i found this!! Thank you so much!!♡ i think i’m muc h more confident now.. now that i’ve watched your videos. 🙂

syikin rashid says:

thank you pingskills for making an excellent video

Saurabh chaudhary says:

Can I hold it with two pointed finger across the other side in shake hand grip

Benedek Valent says:

Hi! I have few question, but first sorry my bad english im 13 years old and im from hungary. So the first: I want changing shakehand to penhold. And i want use the flat technic… So i need the backhand this technic? Or i use the classic forehand defend… I only play a few minutes with the flat, but i think i can play with that. So what you can say?

david15213 says:

what about having your thumb on one side? ive been using it since i started playing table tennis. should i switch to one of the ones in this video?

Ivan Dubravica says:

I hold shakehand but I put two fingers on racket.Is that right?

PotatoGurlSasha says:

I was 11 playing it with Pen hold, but my classmates kept saying I was holding it wrong.

jamie paschkow says:

is there a rule that says a player can only use one bat

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