JOOLA Aruna OFF Blade Review

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TableTennisDaily review on JOOLA’s latest blade, looking at the Aruna OFF with Dan Ives and Quadri Aruna.

Thanks to Quadri Aruna, Daniel Ives, and JOOLA in the making of this review.

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José María Gómez Arredondo says:

What strikes me the most is how friendly, outgoing and open he is. He is willing to treat Dan as an equal and even gives him tips. A true ambassador to the kindness of the Nigerian people. On top of that, I just REALLY enjoy watching Dan play actual points with the players, it puts into perspective how good the pros really are by playing against someone who is actually quite good for not being a pro. Keep doing that 🙂

Max Power says:

Whats the difference to the Rosskopf Emotion blade?

Kai Zhang says:


Christian Haugaard says:

Aruna is really a cool guy

Valentinas Riauba says:

I never heard pro players saying I FEEL LIKE MA LONG.

Ahmad Itani says:

Guys cf2000 timo boll is it good

Mans TV says:

Hey TTD.
I would love to see a Marcos Freitas ALC blade review.
i think it would be a great review since the blade is one of the newer celebrity blade from butterfly.
Best regards.

カクテキ大好き says:


Georgina Sabin says:

oh my god i feel like ma long that cracked me up

Stephen Phoenix-Roberts says:

This blade won polish open 2017 well done Aruna.

MokshaNow says:

Hi Dan, thank you for another great review. How would you compare this blade with the Tiago Apolonia’s blade? Cheers

Harri Kylliö says:

Thanks For the Review

Chang Lee says:

Aruna seems like such a great guy

Salvador Miralla says:

looks like Aruna OFF is exactly the same blade as old Rosskopf Emotion but twice time more expensive . I own a RE and i like it but i find it a bit slow with PB lacking a top gear & hard rubber choice dependance. Thanks for sharing

Nikola Georgiev says:

Dan what do you think about JOOLA Rhyzm rubber?

Tony Kuo says:

Quadri is such a generous player willing to share his thoughts on the equipment and ping-pong skills. I like this clip A LOT, thanks Dan!

MaxPaws says:

LOVE that last point right before the conclusion!

two number 9 says:

I have Joola maxxx 500 rubber please tell me what blade is good for it

Wahgwarn says:

Really enjoyed this review. I can see that the great and powerful Aruna compliments the control of this set-up… Big-up!

Stephen Phoenix-Roberts says:

I getting this blade next week.

chisuni says:

So funny omg

Donald J. Trump says:

Cool. Another “review” of a blade with amazing speed and amazing control at the same time. You got the joola table, the joola barrier in the background, the joola net, the joola box, the joola rubbers and of course the mandatory pro player who repeats the “great speed, great spin AND great control” slogan with semi decent acting.


Let’s have 60fps videos on @tabletennisdaily. Should be a treat to watch at these angles 🙂

Chase Wood says:

Just bought one, can’t wait to play. I too, want to feel like ma long.

Iqbal Rizal says:

How does the Aruna OFF and OFF + compare to the Bty ZLC and ALC blades? Also please review the Donic Waldner World Champion 89 blade thanks

Nikola Georgiev says:

I got an idea you can review the new Donic Coach 40+ 3 star ball! 🙂

seema sharma says:

Dan going insane!!! at 4:58

Ludo Giv says:

hen hen hen hen hen hen hen

Cornelius Valdomero says:

can you review donic blades ? such as ovtcharov true carbon, senso, waldner off world champion 89, and persson world champion 89 ?

MegaPitosha says:

Aruna is a great blade, but Rhyzm rubbers not that good especially in rotation. I have tried Tenergy 05FX and this combination just perfect.

Nikola Georgiev says:

Quadri is cool

J V Mahadeva Rao says:

give review of butterfly viscera blade

Michael Folivora says:

Stiga Allround Classic Carbon + Xiom Vega Pro

Enrique Martínez says:

LOVE your videos a lot Dan, incredible

Nikola Georgiev says:

I like the fact that you filmed with Quadri Aruna, I was very surprised! Very interesting review, and the blade seems amazing too.

ian3i eZ says:

Nice review! You know if there is a penhold version of the blade?

Chumbly Warner says:

Seems like a really nice bloke, lots of fun had. Loved his performance in the past olympics

Trevor Koch says:

It’s hilarious how comically impossible it is to go through a pro.

oscarflames123 says:

What thickness did they both use for there rubbers? Max or 2.00 or something else

Dean Martin says:

Can someone explain to me how the ball can have upspin and downspin at the same time? Little confused by Quadri’s explanation of his serve

Aakash Amar Murthy says:

hey guys I have a tibhar samsonov VLC blade and a 5Q for my forehand and a stiga airoc Astro m on my backhand…anything I can do to make it better..I had a butterfly blade before which I preferred to this.

Atakan Bilgili says:

Bought one:)

David Jia says:

This is absolutely hilarious to watch! Aruna seems to love playing fun points with you. My favorite part was actually him giving pointers about reading his serve! Very helpful!

Dieter Verhofstadt says:

I would love to see “blind tests” where you have average blades and rubbers and more advanced ones, and you let different top players use either to decide which is the best. In the current state of affairs, where you are informed about what equipment you’re playing with and its assumed qualities, it is hard to distinguish an honest review from affiliate marketing.

Yao Li says:

innerforce series such as ZLC, ALC, ZLF, T5000 and ZL are so classic, why no review for them ?

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