Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR | PSVR Review

Racket Fury is missing a few essential options, but still delivers a solid, realistic VR table tennis game to PlayStation VR.

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Dylan Tiede says:

Welp… it’s December 2018 and I don’t see any multiplayer

Neo Cortez says:

Great game..now waiting patiently for a tennis game.

Inspector Gadget - GameCat says:

Indeed, very nice & to-the-point review.
Looks like a gem to put onto my wish-list, thanks!

MADMANinBLACK the GameCat says:

Nice review Dez, I wasn’t even looking at this, but I think you’ve convinced me to give it a go! Rawr!

solarneddy says:

I really should be buying this game

Scott Porter says:

Great review! Definitely gonna buy this game

gunde says:

spot on. Good review. as a swede grown up in the 80-90th there we literally played table tennis 24/7 i feel the game is very realistic. At the moment i give it 4. multiplayer equals 5.

Jay Meow says:

Dez once the multiplayer releases I’d love to play you in this. Same to you Bryan.

Dylan Gladstone says:

I didn’t enjoy it on the Oculus Go, but with 6DOF and MP on the way I think I’ll pick it up for PSVR.

Jay Meow says:

Def buying this! I already own it on the Oculus Go, but it looks way better on the PSVR

McConartist says:

Why the need for the robots in space tho…

YourBud TheGameCat says:


MegaRayland says:

Nice review, gang.

Has anyone here played Drone Striker or Heavy Fire already?

Kevin Richardson says:

Just inquiring, has multiplayer been added as of 01/02/19?

musicotaku666 says:

great review as always ! is it really much much MUUUUUUUUUCH better than the $3 ping pong game? cause this feels like $3… but this one sounds really great to play? 🙂

Marcus Elliott says:

Love this game it’s just a shame I suck at it lol! Great review Dez keep ’em coming!

hilightnotes says:

If I think I’ll like both, but can only buy one, do you think Dream Match Tennis VR is as good a purchase as Racket Fury? Note that I have the nav controller.
Edit – Thanks all for the input!

Nick McCollum says:

Watched the review and immediately bought the game. Was not disappointed

Alex Fulton says:

great no-nonsense review. you sold me!

Jonny Mentology says:

Ridiculously expensive.

Κακός μάγος says:

Feels like the real thing!! Top physics and a blast to play.. Let’s hope multiplayer arrives soon!

Maria ist toll says:

He doesn’t throw the ball when he serves so technically it would be a point for the other

PSVR 777 says:

Nice review! Cant wait for pvp

Олег Жданов says:

IMO fair price is about $10, since there is no MP, no music and no platinum. I’ll buy it, but only on discount.

Tooting Bowles says:

What a great review of a game that I really enjoy. Thank you so much for not banging on about the lack of multiplayer, the challenge of single player makes the entry fee more than worth while. That challenge hooked me from the start and getting the gold trophy for beating all 16 opponents is probably the most satisfying trophy I’ve ever received. I think multiplayer is less important than people seem to think. As a simulated real world sport, the range of abilities within the participants will be wide, and consequently, the probability of a competitive match is very low. Be prepared for a lot of rage quitting. I too would have liked more options, perhaps a knockout tournament structure and the choice of longer format matches, 5 or 7 sets.

ThatGuyIsWill VR says:

Great review Dez! I was a big fan of this too, sure it doesn’t have some of the big features that the PC version has. But what’s there is good and the physics are spot on!

shenmueso says:

The customisation won’t be pointless once multiplayer is added tho.
Sounds great. I can’t wait to try this. How did the physics compare to ping pong VR in your opinion? Assuming you played that old one…

Freeter2k says:

Awesome review Dez. And in case anyone is curious about that other ping pong game, don’t bother. It’s THAT awful. A simple backhand could send the ball into orbit, and the CPU cheats like crazy. The only thing it has over this game are the additional modes, but when the physics are completely busted, even they can’t save it.

Sandeep Banerjee says:

Hi Dez, does this game simulate ball spin? We have a TT table at work and I’ve noticed some guys in my office are able to spin the ball. I’m still trying to learn that so practising it in VR would be great.

NickyD says:

How many table tennis games are there

Piyanist Erdem says:

I had really enjoyed the ps3 move table tennis (forgot the name), it had really good physics too; had a blast playing that. This game looks similar in terms of gameplay. I will definitely wait for this game to go into sale. Thanks for the review.

Grimcatnip CatnipGames says:

I wanna play against dez xD!!!

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