STIGA Carbonado 145 Blade Review with Fan Zhendong!

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Dan and Fan Zhendong used the STIGA Carbonado 145 blades in the review..

Thanks to STIGA, Daniel Ives and Fan Zhendong in the making of this review.

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NexisFilms says:

How nice of him 2 join u …

Tzachi Presler says:

I’m really curious about YinHe T-11+ blade which has Carbon technology but is really cheap in price
Would really appreciate a review about it.

Hamza Hamza says:


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Double Fish 5-Star Ping Pong Paddle

JOOLA 53133 Attack Recreational Table Tennis Racket

Ahmed Khalifa says:

I have some old Stiga blade from 1983
Hans Aslér
And Bengtsson
New never use for sale
PLZ email me für more Info

How Wong says:

Fan Zhengdong is a master!

Andy Zhao says:

3:45 FZD got some hops

anoop singh says:

Hey TTD: what equipment (blade and rubbers) does Fan zhendhong use ?

AgZ says:

Fan was trolling this kid.

HELLOXD7 says:

Does Fan speak english?

Lance Chhuana Ralte says:

If anybody knows please do reply – Is it faster or slower than Viscaria? Does it have more control?

mrmr1964 says:

What an honor to hit with FZD. Looks like he hardly got out of 2nd gear ! The blade sounds amazing, but 93gr against my Andro Super Core Carbon Light @ 68gr, makes it look like a boat anchor. Pity they can’t get the same result with a below 75gr blade – and if they did I’d buy it. 

Jim A says:

What does Fan Zhendong think of this blade?

Donald J. Trump says:

This review convinced me to buy this blade. If Fan Zhendong can do awesome shots with it, I can do it too.

Sakumi says:

4:35 – “oh”

Tùng Trịnh says:

What ruber F.z.D use Stiga carbonado 145 blade FH and BH ?

Todd Fee says:

Look at my channel I review table tennis products such as blades and rubbers and more

Arpit Shivhare says:

Is it a blade review or an opportunity to play with Fan?

Man, I’m jealous! 😀

Frank Anthony Gablines says:

Actually it’s not really about the wood. Fan Zhendong is already a monster. Any wood will do for him

Dxdette says:

How did you manage to communicate with Fan Zhendong? Can he speak English?

Gregory Jala Kharbhih says:

may I know, which rubber complements nicely to the blade?

Malcom Sue says:

Looks quite slow and difficult to control during the match play section, is this a characteristic of the blade or the rubbers used?

c asif says:

too bad fzd uses a viscaria with custom handle lol.

Bean Cube says:

We are in a completely new century of technology. Durable carbon fiber tennis table, carbon fiber ping pong balls and rackets should be developed for this worldwide popular sport. What about microfiber fleece net and some red/black variable microfiber sponges, both sides adhesive for thin, transparent, re-spray-able silicon for gripping layered on light weight, elastic rubber top sheet rackets?

Samuel You says:

He’s using infinity in the video though.

Jeremy Tjia says:

U guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can u plz make a blade review on stiga intensity nct ????

MidnightSTALKER979 says:

This seems like a huge biased commercial. You had stiga shirts on, you played stiga rubbers (instead of trying tenergy for example), you played at THEIR headquarters and you played against fzd. Not a single negative aspect was mentioned. I mean c’mon there’s always at least that one tiny aspect that you dislike about something

Christian Haugaard says:

At 3.20 it looks as if Dan is getting world class advice on how to flick.

ringootdavid says:

Does this blade has the same grip as the Stiga Infinity VPS V Diamond Touch?
I have the impression that the carbonado 145 is almost similar, but with a little bit more speed.

Thai Nguyen says:

“We then played a set to see how the blade perform in a match environment.” LOL, you just want to play Fan Zhendong!

Faris Imran says:

What rubber fzd use for bh?

Hudy S says:

Rubeers ????????? Cover ????? tenergy ? hthx a lot :********

Armin Diaz says:

Fan use stiga infinity vps or other blade and change the handle?

daymanc says:

All I have to say is, 5:57

TimoBoll22 says:

amazing video mate

Jason Chan says:

As far as carbon blades go, would you say this is on the faster or slower side? Also wondering how its speed compares to the Clipper Wood and if anyone uses it with Hurricane 3, what hardness works best?

Con Rad says:

Steve,some players have a really flexible wrist and body and can do all sorts of shots with ease.Michael Maze quickly comes to mind.
The other 90% of us have to work really hard to achieve a half decent banana flick.
One of my students can spin them at will and can hit an amazing backhand loop at great speed and spin from almost anywhere on the table.His wrist looks like soft rubber,when i try it, it feels like my shoulder wants to snap out of it’s socket.
Am so jelous of those wristy guys they make it look so easy.

advancedfirefly says:

What camera are you using to record?

KS Tan says:

i am jealous

Q Kim says:

Man I’m so jealous of you, playing a rally with one of the greatest table tennis players

Benjamin Weich says:

What is the price for the blades?

lulu mink says:

Fan is not even trying. So loose.

William Bouchet says:

i dont understand what he is doing at 04 ‘ 14, so strange 😉

Bishnu Bastola says:

Which robber is perfect for this blade ?

Creepypasta kid says:

fan zhendong is so cute! can I take him home?

Andy Zhao says:

Fan Zhendong’s forehand is so fluid…

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