Stiga Infinity VPS Blade Review

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Thanks to Stiga, Daniel Ives, Tom Maynard, and Kingfisher Table Tennis Club in the making of this review.

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TableTennisDaily had the fantastic opportunity to review Stiga’s latest Infinity VPS blade.

Dan and Tom both used the Infinity VPS blade in this review using the Stiga Calibra Tour Medium rubbers. The review looks at various techniques and a range of shots used in today’s modern game of table tennis.


Sakumi says:

When you do your reviews don’t you think the rubbers will make a difference to the feel? How do you know when specific things happen, such as the low arc, is down to the blade? I think you should use the same rubbers in every review to make it more reliable. Great video though 🙂

gm extreme gamer 1 says:

Which is better blade? Stiga infinity vps v or butterfly petr korbel offensive

Fun classy says:

Which blade is best for good blocking?

Helmy Yahya says:

whether infinity feels shakes?

Glacius says:

I am looking to buy an affordable Stiga custom blade and so far I’ve narrowed it down to the Stiga Allround Classic and Stiga Allround Evolition. How do you rate these blades? Which one would you recommend?

Pascal C says:

Nice review! What rubber would you recommend for this blade?

Redha Fansuri Ahmed Fauzi says:

Hi TTD, please make a review on Stiga Celero Wood blade. It’s in the VPS series, same with Infinity and Emerald, but slower and more flex. I’m currently using Stiga All-round Classic which falls under the All category. I’m thinking of upgrading to an Off- blade like the Celero and woud like to know if it’s worth it and good for Chinese rubber like the DHS H3N. Thanx.

EdvinMaster says:

Do u get more control away from the table with rosewood nct v?

Val says:

Legend handle weight more than Master. But idk how much more. It would be nice if you could give me exact G for Legend and Master…

Ángel Suárez says:

what kind of rubber do you recomend for this wood??

Jouncsen Xie says:

Does the blade vibrate? I heard it does

X L says:

I’m using Stiga All-round Classic, it works excellent on Yasaka Razka X which I have been playing. The blade and rưbbers eat the ball well meaning I can hit where I want the ball to go. I bought Stiga All-round Classic offensive blade thinking it will make me play better but it flex a lot and not eat the ball well. I like to get a slightly stiffer blade and slightly heavier blade than the All-round Classic, which blade you would recommend best. Thx a lot

Z ZENG says:

love u guys

elbichito2 says:

great review again guys. by the way , what equipment do you guys use? blade and rubbers? thanks

Nur Rochim says:

it will be nice if you can review stiga celero wood and arctic wod

gm extreme gamer 1 says:

Which is better blade? Stiga infinity vps v or butterfly petr korbel offensive

Charlie Williams says:

thanks for the great review guys! do more! 

Kazunori Kurosawa says:

Very great.

Mohab Salim says:

Your videos very very very useful for me
Thanks very much….!!

kapoo 26 says:

yinhe moon pro rubber rewiew 

GuiMXC says:

Which rubbers?

TheVastNoob says:

Guys, does this racket even have sponge on it?

Patricia Candea says:

how would you rate the blade? Off- ? Do you think it´s suitable for chinese rubbes? could you compare it to acoustic in terms of speed/control/feeling?

jun mizutani says:

this blade is can play with airoc medium ????????

17teacmrocks says:

uh oh. tom’s technique seems to be drawing further from dan 😛 dan your fh is too weak bc it’s mostly forearm. it works as topspin counter at close range, but not very powerful and this becomes clearer as you move off the table. see how tom uses his body better to drive the ball to extend the trajectory to the baseline. that’s why you feel it takes a lot of effort. judging from the technique exhibited and the blade response, i don’t see any problem with the blade. it’s slightly slow for my taste but should do fairly well off the table counterlooping at the pro level, though you’re right: based on the construction (~korbel), it is designed more for close-range play. both your drop shots have improved but still weak spin on drops and serves. flicks aren’t going out due to “mistiming” or the blade. you’re not measuring the touch on the flicks, too much power, incorrect angle, and not creating enough friction. that being said, the video reviews help a lot in buying decisions when demonstrated by decently good players. 

Michael Smith says:

Retired my Andro Ligna FR Off and wound up purchasing this blade looking for something more cost effective. I’ve been playing carbon blades for a while now, so I was nervous about going to an all wood blade in terms of feeling. I’m playing with this blade with Tibhar Evolution MX-S, and it’s incredible. Gobs of spin, lots of control, and enough speed to produce outright wins when a little effort is applied (even as little as blocking actively instead of passively). I haven’t had the room to back off the table and see how it does from a distance, but hopefully I’ll get the chance at club this week, and I’ll report back.

Hudy S says:

hi i would buy it …but dont know what thickness of rubbers should i use ? what use Dan and his friend ? 🙂 thx a lot

Valentinas Riauba says:

can someone tell me the exact weight >

Shimi L says:

thanks for the review. it’s very useful!

merlopick says:

at 0:26 you really need to speak that fast and mumbling?

NXFLY says:

Is that the Blade which Fan Zhendong uses?

hoobly doobly says:

i dont care at all about table tennis and ended up here on the end of a youtube journey but i still had to stop and say… this was a great review 😀 

Joseph Abhishek says:

Do stiga allround classic.

YourMaster86 says:

Fan Zhendong uses this racket

Shang Yuan Chua says:

please tell me ,can i use donic m1 on this (stiga infinity vps v)?,Thanks

Ahmed Al-kanan says:

Hi guys,u r awesome I subscribed to your channel and liked every video u posted ,i changed from butterfly timoball spirit blade to stiga infinity VPS with Airoc in FH and tenergy 64 BH.
To Dan i really like your Europian FH topspin away from table ,
To Tom your BH flick is woooww awesome
Thanx Guys

mnhuu says:

Fan Zon blade of choice

Fahad Usman says:

loved your thorough review, it has made it much easier to take a decision now. I was looking for something with a lot of control and good sweet spot to pair it with some soft spinny rubbers.

narutoyellowflash1 says:

What rubbers would you recommend

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