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jn6305 says:

just replaced my stiga titan (my first paddle) with this after developing a more offensive style over the last two years. cant wait to try it

Joshua Ang says:

What is the weight of the paddle?

adeel malik says:

Great review. I bought this racket to replace another old stiga racket that i had and really liked but it was discontinued and I was a little sad. I started playing with this racket and fell in love with it. I don’t think its a beginners racket, If you have decent control on the ball and can chop, topspin, backspin then you should really try it. Its absolutely awesome. It has great speed, spin and control. I had tried $300 Butterfly Timo boll ALC with Energy 05 rubbers but like this much better. Its around $50 online.

Arsenal SLR-107FR says:

Just bought the Pro Carbon and love it so far. I have been doing as much research as I can to make an educated decision on which blade and rubbers are best for me. In the meantime the Pro Carbon fills the space pretty well. Had been using the Stiga Evolution and while it’s a good paddle, it just frustrated me when it came to my backhand flicks. I just began competing and am hoping that the Pro Carbon will continue to enhance my style of, lot’s of spiny serves, a fast backhand and forehand. Guess my style tends to be very offensive at this point in my table tennis career. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this paddle. Like your reviews thus far.

Max Frank says:

Great earned a sub

Chronex EU says:

I have this rack.

KEEM says:

Would you recommend the Killerspin Jet 800 or the Stiga Pro Carbon?

Rezwan Sadat says:

how much did it cost you?

Tarun Daodat says:

this paddle is awesome …. bought one a bit over a year back … the rubbers are fast enough for the basic game and like the guy in the video said … can’t generate enough spin … I’d recommend this paddle over any other premade paddle cause it’s a carbon +wood ply … great control and enough speed …. after playing with it for a while and geeting more competitive then it’s time to just upgrade the rubbers to your preference based on what you need spin or speed or even a bit of both …. the combinations are endless … now I’m changing my rubbers but still looking up on reviews to see what to choose … plus I don’t Wana break the bank … pretty sure I’m going with the dhs hurricane 3 neo for forehand and the dhs skyline tg3 neo backhand …

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