Table tennis rubber review Donic Blue Fire M2 vs Tenergy

Table tennis rubber review Donic Blue Fire M2 vs Tenergy


GeneralSpecific3 says:

Seems like you may have found an alternative to 05. Hopefully the durability holds up though.

Green Light Transport says:

The Bluefire series is better than the Tenergy Series in my opinion. Especially here on the East coast where there is a lot of humidity and Tenergy loses its grip due to the moisture. Bluefire is grippier, faster, spinnier, and has more control than Tenergy. Oh and Bluefire looks cooler! Sorry Tamasu your monopoly is over. 

ewooll says:

What’s the white box under the table? Thought it might be for the empty

codyh00 says:

I am thinking about buying the m3 version. But it costs around 90$ for one sheet of it. So my question is: Is it worth the money?

Paulo Magalhaes says:

Very good video, but I wonder: the BLUFIRE M2 is identical to TENERGY 05? I can buy without questions? What do you say?

wong kyle says:

hey folks. i am wondering that donic bluefire m1/m2/m3 is better?
which one is fastest?
which one has the most spin?

Jiachenn CJC says:

What bat do you use?? i’m using Nittaku Telion with 2 pieces of XIOM Vega Europe

style Naruru says:


Pablitorrinco says:

me encanta la m2, se siente mucha seguridad al atacar con ella aunque no es la mas rapida del mercado

errol says:

having good rubbers , and nice frame make no sense if you do not have a good system and style ,strong concentration , table tennis looks like a simple sport to millions but it is very hard when you meet with hard spining players it take years to play good,and even then you get no where close to be a champton . . my best tip to all beginners buy a racket that as a little control and speed not too expensive and try to play fast and quick testing your reflex on the ball hitting the ball with a feelings.faster players win games ,also improve better than slow pokers players.,

Table Tennis HD says:

Nah, nothing so exotic, just fluro lights I used before for lighting up for videos.

waterboyd says:

I have own rubber M1 and T05, Blue Fire top sheet a bit softer and more grip than Tenegy05 easy to open topspin but one problem I found the ball got slip often than T05. Overall I enjoy playing both rubber, speed & spin are the same only Blue Fire need a 90% correct stroke the ball will not slip. for me money is problem, when rubber dead I still replace with Blue Fire and improve my stroke.

El León de Apure says:

Sencillo y útil.

Table Tennis HD says:

Thanks Ed, I actually went in today to record how it plays for real but I killed my practise partner with it and he told me not to post anything. I will still post about 10 points, try to make it look a little even.

We can’t play like world championships of 2012 but we can enjoy our table tennis regardless.

CommanderSwedePlays says:

that depends, you just an ocassional recreational player?

andras674 says:

tabletennisHD ………. PLEASE ,Please upload one video to serve :DDDDdDDD

Jamal Campbell says:

i hate orange ball, don´t know why

Ronin T says:

No offense but u cut and glue rubbers like a troll and m2 is close to Tenergy 05 but I would choose the last one.

TTpro2013 says:

Getting if for £26 from decathlon

pewllycop says:

nice fast forward

chitthein zarmon says:

I love t05

Javi Beristain says:

thumbs up for the roller lol

ewooll says:

Now that is what I call a good video. Thanx for the mention John. LOL. I will possibly give the M2 a try when my 05 has worn out.

Ross Brown says:

Using bluefire m1 at the moment but interested in the yasaka rakza 9 can anyone help me. A vid or even a message would help

Najwa Ahmed says:

I love your roller

Table Tennis HD says:

I think that’s the nail on the head for this table tennis rubber. It is super sharp for spin on serves last night, however it’s obviously a different type of topsheet to tenergy. I am playing back to back with a very old 05 and the 05 plays almost exactly the same when not in push or serve mode.

Qni Mihalev says:

the blade is Stiga loop perform

UnseenSpirit says:

Have you stuck to the bluefire m2 or gone back to t05

Tze Chen says:

i think it’s the shittiest review by far

codyh00 says:

Thanks man, that was great news! 😀

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