Unboxing of STIGA Carbon Pro Table Tennis Paddle!

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This is an unboxing of the table tennis/ping pong paddle called the Carbon Pro by STIGA. This top of the line paddle has 7 blades, one of which is carbon fiber, which makes the paddle lightweight and fast for optimal speed and spin.


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pronounced steega

Moe Pannell says:


Chronex EU says:

I have this paddle. Its awesome

UnseenSpirit says:

How have your games been with this bat? Any videos?

Bob Appleseed says:


DAVID says:

Stiiiiiga is the way it’s pronounced

Mathew daniels says:

intermediate isnt “okay “.

Kartikeyan Khullar says:

you don’t even know how to hold the paddle. wasted money

Lynx Crain says:

Ok nice vid but I have a question; I am a new player, but i play a fast game and i’m not sure what stiga paddle to get. Any suggestions?

Jack Coleman says:

stiga is pronounce s-tee-ga (or atleast it is where im from)

Andre Alinsub says:

I am an Filipino Table tennis player I am an elementary student I am the strongest player in my school My paddle butterfly is broken The Wakaba 200 and I need a new paddle where did you buy that or what website did you order that

abdullah trfas says:

The carbon is a ply inside the blade so its a layer inside the wood
i would recommend that you get a custom racket its better quality

btw steeeega thats how u pronounce stiga

daveythecrockett says:

How was it to play with?

Joshua Ang says:

What is the weight of the paddle?

DAVID says:

It’d be great to upload a video while playing with it 🙂 nice video dude. Keep doing these videos.

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