Understand Table Tennis Equipment | Choose Best Paddle and Rubber

Do you need a Viscaria racket, a DHS Hurricane 3 national blue sponge rubber and a Butterfly Tenergy 05 professional version to improve your table tennis? No ! Choose a good blade for your playing style! Do not choose another one’s paddle. Coach EmRatThich helps you understand your table tennis equipment (racket + rubber) under the viewpoint of a Chinese coach. From now, you can choose your best table tennis combo setup including racket and rubber.

I will upload table tennis video every Sunday. You can also send me your video for the best advice.


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Thoeun Kong says:

Hi, what are the thoughts on “Tenaly” blades? it’s the ones with the slightly curved handle made by Nittaku.

mathematechx says:

Hi! Have you created a video specific to “How to choose a chinese rubber?” You mentioned in your other video that you will make one. Are commercial hurricane rubbers good enough to start with? Thank you.

kenchihimura says:

Thank you sir. I greatly appreciate the knowledge you’re sharing with us here. Keep up the good work!

Alex Medesan says:

Hi coach, I am an amateur player, have been training for an year twice a week. I love topspin from mid to close range. I prefer fast play. I have trouble topspining heavy backhand balls. My gear is Stiga Carbonado 195 with Stiga Genesis Soft on FH and Tenergy 05 on BH. I love the blade and it is the best I’ve tried so far. Should I downgrade? If yes, Stiga Celero Wood is a good option? What about rubbers? Thanks so much!

Anurag sahu says:

I am a advanced player and play attacking style by looping with speed. Which should I buy.

Daniel Lin says:

Hey EmrThich,!
I followed your advice and bought a Stiga blade.
Its the Rosewood Xo Blade.
Which rubbet should i use for this blade? I used H3 with Mizutani Zlc before and it was not so good.

shreyas chandar says:

hi sir! Thanks a lot for ur videos! I was using michael maze for 6years and now changed to donic Warner legend carbon, I am spin oriented player dependent on forehand. the walner ply has good feel but the bh to fh transition is a bit difficult. many balls hit the edge of the bat. please help me.

Raymond Chan says:

Real Chinese is not like this

【☯】ɈẨƇƘ【♞】 says:

*Difference between H3 2.15mm and H3 2.20mm ?*

Hin Cheang says:

hi, just wondering, if hinoki Jpen is bad for looping, how come Ryu and a lot of other Jpen players use a really spinny rubber on it?

Mohsin Mehedi says:

I have been playing with killerspin jet 800 for around a year. the rubber is almost worn out. I want to keep using the blade. I like to play offensive style. could you suggest a rubber for me? thanks

jMizu V. says:

Hello EmRatThich, I’m very thankful for your iniciative, your are the best coach in YouTube!! 😀

I need your help, recently I injured my knee and I’m thinking in put a Short-pip rubber in my forehand to don’t force it a lote like the chinese style. I’m a penholder with RBP and ofensive player (OFF – or OFF) and I play since 2010.

I would like some advices about equipments (rubber and blade) and techniques for this playing style. In my country there are just Butterfly, Donic, Xiom, DHS and TSP.

Do you think the short-pip in penholders will come back with de poly ball?

Thank you EmRatThick.

Rishabh verma says:

i have two blade one is peter karlsson all round and the other one is joola eagle carbon however i cannot generate much spin from my carbon blade and the hitting speed has increased as i prefer to kill rather than looping the ball can you suggest which blade i must consider to play a game with much more consistency and spin. The rubbers i use are Joola Express One on forehand and Yasaka Mark V sft on backhand.

Chrispaul Jocson says:

TANGA ka A!!!!!!!!

JunYoung Jung says:

1-ply hinoki is best for looping, it has great dwell and speed. Unlike other fast carbon blades, it has great control and looping flexibility. the only problem is that it’s too thick for shakehand or rpb setup.

piyush sanghi says:

Hi Coach, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, you are making a big difference for players like me who do not have a coach to guide us.
I am an intermediate/progressing player who is still learning the correct techniques and I would like your suggestion on a good racket set-up.
please suggest me good blade and rubbers for forehand and backhand…
I am a backhand dominant player who plays close to table and mid-distance.
I have a attacking game.
After watching your videos I went back to a very old Stiga pre-made 20 dollar bat and found that it gave me great control and feeling. It was very light and had a small dimensions(small i size) so I was able to switch between FH and BH easily which made me feel that the bat was an extension of my arm.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Furthy Thirtyfour says:

You are wrong to keep saying that Chinese coaches are better than Western coaches. I am sure there are some very good coaches in the West and equally some not very good coaches in China. But I like your videos.

Hing Ming Lu says:

if i am a short pimple player , what kind of racket should i choose

phanxeng Nguyễn says:

you make me hard to learn .but you give me much knowledge about what i am looking for.thank you.if you don’t mind, I wishes you make a discuss together.

Rain Storm Polgadera says:

Thanks a lot!

LotzaHydra7 says:

Ahh what about the rubber part??

Steve Perry says:

I re-watched this video today. It was very good and I benefited very much. I am going to re-watch your technique and tactics videos. Thank you.

vinch says:

EmRatThich which one is better Stiga Allround Classic or Allround Evolution ?

Wongsakorn R says:

thank you emratthich

brodino says:

I am an intermediate player. And I have the Timo Boll ALC blade.
I like it very much, it is very fast, powerful and mostly, it doesn’t vibrate too much. I hate blades that vibrate, i.e. the ZLC.
But sometimes I feel like it is too “dead”, since the ALC system basically removes almost any vibration. And I feel like it lacks a bit in control.

I would probably play better with a blade that has slightly more vibration, and a bit less faster. Maybe an all wood blade.
Do you have something to suggest?

Atul Sharma says:

please tell me about yourself?
Are you china’s coach?

MophisGames says:

I have a carbowood blade from this racket http://www.decathlon.cz/en/p/8160688_palka-na-stolni-tenis-joola-carbon-pro5.html#/5-235-_
And I use it with Donic Acuda S2 on FH and Joola 4YOU on BH.
Is that a good combination? I loop and drive mostly. Sometime i chop

bernard martinand says:

bonjour, on ne parle jamais de la taille des manches, nous n’avons guère le choix suivant la taille des mains, je retaille tous mes manches en conique en réduisant les dimensions.

Quang Minh Nguyễn says:

Mình đang dùng mặt Mark V, không biết khi giật mình có nên canh bóng sát lưới để ít bị ra ngoài không

HardeBaas says:

I would like to know a good blade for modern defensive style having long pimples on the backhand and having a good spin fh rubber. As the blade is very important, and I don’t know which one to choose for my style, I’d like some advice.

Mr. TopRamen says:

I like how much you shit on non-chinese table tennis Hahaha totally agree though 😀

SvenXiaoZelicRamKlaus says:

Did you know there are people who play using an alternative grip called the penhold grip? Please don’t use the title “Understand Your Table Tennis Equipment – Blade and Rubber” unless you also include penhold blades as well.- merely mentioning that Xu Xin played with an old Stiga blade is clearly insufficient.

BM RąłphŁąuręñ says:

Guys are you mad? On your level is not so much important equipment( combos,…) but your technique and movement, focus on that and you will defeat your oponent. You just lose because you have worme skill than your oponent. Just choose something what is comfortable and you can improve strokes with that doesnt depends on type, mark, price

O' Neil Aakash Biswas Biswas says:

Coach can I use stiga clipper cr with dhs h3 neo untuned?

Citra Yuwono says:

Hi Coach. I have been watching your videos and it has been very helpful. Thank you.
I want to ask, I have been playing in the office, so mainly just short games, but I want to develop my strokes now.
Before I watched your videos, i have purchase several blades; a mazunov, primorac carbon, clipper wood, xiom vega pro, stiga intensity nct.
I can play ok with all of those, but I am wondering if I should get an all around (maybe stiga all around classic) to improve my strokes. What do you think?

Also, I have been using Hurricane 3 on my forehand, which I like a lot, but I do not have a go to backhand rubber yet. I am looking at Stiga Mantra S, or Rakza 7 soft, or donic acuda s2 / baracuda. What do you think? I mainly push and receive short serve with backhand while loop with forehand.

Thank you.

Elmer Emet says:

well good video , thanks for everything , I have a question i use hurricane 3 for my forehand is good , but is too slow how can I Inhance the speed , i heard before that (booster ), is good to improve it , is it true ? , also I would like to know is legal o ilegal ¡?. thanks

Luis Lemes says:

Hello! I’m going from a recreational player to a begginer player. I now have a pre-made paddle of 双鱼 (Double Fish) 236-A , 8484 rubbers. http://www.wttc.com.au/rackets/108-double-fish-236a-table-tennis-racket-set-long-handle-2-rackets-set.html

I like to play offensive style, with much spin, but my racket doesn’t generate much spin and also is very difficult to play far from the table (I need to use a lot of a power to get it back to the table, and it doesn’t have much control of the ball). Is it possible that is only bad technique or should I change the equipment (I’ve been 4 months with this first racket).

So, which equipment would you suggest for my playing style and my level?

Thank you! Congratulations on your channel, I subscribed. Very good videos.

Viz muñiz says:

What about stiga classic allround or Butterfly ZOran Primorac Off+? I’m not sure if I have understood everything. Should we use a fast blade or a slow blade? A slow and light blade give more feeling than heavy or fast blade. what hard rubbers do you recommend for beginners and intermediate?

themyii says:

What blade do you recommend for a guy stop playing 18 years ago and want to start playing table tennis again ? Stiga Allroundclassic or Stiga allround wood nct are a good choice ?

Mushrif Ahmed says:

Thank you very much. This video was very helpful.

Daniel Yang says:

Love your videos! How about galaxy W-6 blade? How come you mentioned that blade should weigh 90 g or more in a previous comment?

john li says:

i heard from american coaches that the rubber is more important than the blade and the rubber is whats important in giving the ball spin. i guess its a difference in thought.

ironcheftw says:

One ply hinoki is the best looping machine. I don’t know what this guy is talking about.

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