Xiom Aigis Novus Tourwood Ping Pong Paddle Review And In Action

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Rubber: http://tabletennisstore.us/p-2471-gambler-reflectoid-sg-defensive-offensive-table-tennis-rubber.aspx

Case: OEM Double Racquet Case: http://tabletennisstore.us/p-2429-oem-double-racquet-case-with-ball-pocket.aspx

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Special weapon of modern defensive players
Stability for cut defense and speed for counter-attack

AIGIS is a defensive blade of enhanced ability of counterattack.Instead of usual Willow wood, Limba is used for the top layer of the 5-ply construction for more speed. Its thickness is 5.5 mm, which is the same as that of traditional all-round blades. But, inner layers were adjusted for the giving AIGIS optimal characteristics as a “defensive” blade. As the result, AIGIS has stability of cut defense and speed for all-round play at the same time. Its accurate and secure feel let AIGIS be suitable blade even for traditional defensive strategy. For modern defensive players who frequently use counter topspin from forehand, AIGIS provides sufficient speed. Especially when combined with “Hyper Elasto” rubbers such as VEGA ASIA on its forehand side, AIGIS can be actual all-round weapon.


NOVUS TOURWOOD is a family of all wood blades of balanced performance and soft feel. All blades in this family provide relatively softer feel and all-round characteristics. Their clear but stable feel is preferred by many top players whose main strategy is continuous spin. The light blue color of handle is the symbol of security and creativity.

Custom Made Racket. Xiom Agis 5 Play racket. Allround Wood. High Control. Great Feeling. Gambler Reflectoid Rubber. Sticky Surface. Great Grip. High Spin. A great Racket for serious players looking to advance their skills and strokes. The advantage of a “custom made racket” over pre assembled is that you get to choose the combinations, and the rubber is freshly cut. And… most important, when the rubber sheets wear out, you get to remove it and put new rubber sheets on. Once I get more proficient, I will move to faster higher speed rubber.

(Straight Handle Version): By far, the GREATEST defensive blade I’ve ever used. Just wonderful… I’ve played with the Joo Se Hyuk, Defplay Senso, Matsushita Pro, and Vioncello just to name a few and the Aigis surpasses them all. Control is incredibly high which is a bit hard to believe since this blade is capable of some great speed. Chopping and blocking are done with great ease as the enlarged head leaves you with no question on who’s fault the point loss was, it’s going to be human error. I’ve personally used this blade with Donic Slice 40 and TSP Curl P4 Chop. Even though both rubbers are generally considered slow/defensive the blade still has the potential to unleash quick kill shots. The handle is awesome and feels very comfortable in my hand, easy to twiddle, easy to serve. Lightweight, excellent feel, constructed beautifully, versatile, great dimensions. –THE supreme defensive blade–

Therea are no cons – I was looking for such blade long time. On fc one can use really spinny and quick rubber without loosing even a single bit of control. You can use counter topspin 2-3 meters away from the table, excellent control on bc with long pimple although smashing and pushing is really easy. Smashing close to the tabke requires good force and probably thus is the only weak side of this blade

Straight handle version:

Very nice handle. Comfortable and easy to twiddle.

The head is slightly over-sized, but the overall weight is still fairly light.

Both short and long pips worked wonderfully on this gem. Definitely not a slow blade, yet not a rocket launcher either. With the right rubber you can chop very well and also return fast, powerful topspin counter-loops or smashes. Not a tremendous amount of dwell time, especially depending on your rubber. I used harder chinese sponges without problems. This comes down to personal preference.

Overall I am highly pleased with this little guy. I often carry it around in my hand because the grip is so spectacular.

For the modern defense game this blade will definitely get the job done. I’d say it leans slightly more toward speed/power than most other defensive blades. As a result you lose a small amount of chopping ability to allow for the devastating counter attacks!


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