Yasaka Mark V Racket Review

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Detailed review on the Yasaka Mark V racket. Watch this racket in action! Full review available at:



Max Frank says:


table tennis is life says:

he look like a gay dancing

U-777 zevennaam says:

I liked to play with Tenergy 05, but using Yasaka mark V gives me back the feeling I missed with the non lineair rubber Tenergy 05. Yasaka’s low throw vs Tenergy’s high throw also suits me better. Control is not an issue for me. Control is in your brain. After experimenting Tenergy’s huge spin, I was wondering, can I get the same (top) spin with Yasaka mark V. Reading the internet, there should be a huge difference. This is true. I like the spin from Yasaka Mark V even more. I repeat; ‘I LIKE THE TOPSPIN FROM YASAKA EVEN MORE’ !!! The curve from the ball is what effort you put into it. If you are an advanced player use max on both sides with a carbon allround frame from Stiga. The effort you put into this Yasaka M V rubber is rewarding you with more points then using Tenergy 05 in the same competition. We all want the best, more speed, more spin, lots of control and you name it. Try Yasaka Mark V for 3 months and you are sold. When I play for the points I know Yasaka mark V gives me that great feeling ‘I CAN DO EVERYTHING WITH A BALL!!! Yes, in the beginning Yasaka seems to be much slower then Tenergy. Nonetheless, if you are hitting the ball with more power the speed increases. If you are reading this, maybe I make you doubt which rubber to choose? If you are a good table-tennis player, you can play with all kind of rubbers, I can! We all think we are very good table-tennis players, but that’s not true. If you are in the same league as Ma Long then you should try Tenergy, if not, buy Yasaka mark V. I started to play table-tennis from the age of 5. For more then 40 years I saw it all. Try whatever you like but don’t get carried away.

vinch says:

What’s the thickness of the rubber you are using?

Damir Rimac says:

when you play forehand,its like you are dancing,and you are new world champion
keep it up.

Phani raj says:

your reviews are really good and in depth. can you do reviews for low priced cloned pre made rackets/blades. for ex, yinhe/galaxy/sanwei etc. thanks.

Joseph Niyamosoth says:

I am considering buying this one too. Thank you.

fazli mawla ahmad says:

Please to review yasaka Mark v in to donic ovtcharov carbospeed.

OkBersih says:

his arm is so close to his body and it’s facing up almost like a …

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