New 2014/15 superlite and ultralite Karakal squash rackets review by

In this review we playtested the Karakal SN-90, SX-100 and ST-110 2014/15 squash rackets. We look at the advantages and disadvantages of using the some of the world’s lightest squash rackets. These rackets are all available in our online racket sports store


Mohammed Asad Rahman says:

Please do a review on the prince team red squash racket, will be exciting to c how a light head racket with exo3 technology performs.


akula1055 says:

Nice review, thanks for sharing and for giving more guidance in racquets since we have to buy them without trying it. Cheers 

Admiral LongStash says:

looks like the lighter you go, the less controll it gives you…

Ma Su says:

Hey everyone I just wanted to write a review for the SN 90 FF 2016. I am not sure which SN90 he is using in the video, it might be the older version but I just got mine from Karakal a week ago. I have to say that for me, I gained speed and control. I am able to lift the racket faster and have better placement of the ball on court. I did not lose power or reach as the racket is exactly the same size as a normal racket. I havent changed the strings or the stock grip.It only weighs around 128g with strings while most rackets are nearly 20g heavier. One of the biggest reasons I got this ordered was because I found most other rackets (I have a Wilson, Harrow and Dunlop) quite heavy although all of them are between 140g and 150g strung. Most of the men I speak to say that the SN90FF is too light and they prefer the more “normal” rackets but being a woman, I find that I prefer the lighter racket. I also suffer from golfer’s elbow due to my forehand and now its almost completely gone with the lighter racket. Overall, I would rate it a 5 star racket. I paid CAD 190 for it and I’m a very happy person.

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