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Prince exo3 rebel squash racket in action and reviewed by


buffalokennyd says:

Mine broke 🙁

dirites says:

which is better, this one or the dunlop biomimetric ultimate?

binpoet says:

Only had one prince so cant comment on them. But i have had loads of dunlops which have great control not that much power and will break if you even so much as glance the wall. DO NOT BUY A DUNLOP. recommend technifibre especially the 130 carboflex awesome racket but may not suit you if you like em very headlight

pdhsports says:

thanks for the comments

dirites says:

what is the difference?

crouchingchicken007 says:

Dunlop however pro gt x chips paint right off… And ultimate cracked from a hard knock against back wall when boasting in a game.. however Dunlop rated head light and prince head heavy… With the speedports… I find prince I get much more response using my wrist.. and swings + back swing … Way quicker… Much more power esp rebel. Generates a lot of power around the sweetspot of the racket Which is Where you will probably hit 85% of your shots if you considering these.high end rackets.

pdhsports says:

The Rebel frame weight is 135 grams thanks

crouchingchicken007 says:

Pdh sports dude… Nice back hand style.. !

josh obrien says:

of all the exo3 rackets which do you recommend?

crouchingchicken007 says:

Dunlop rated lighter But in a swing feels heavier even though rated head light.. But control comes into play when you need them … Pro gt-x is easier than the ultimate and way more than the 2 prince rackets.. I suggest biomimetic pro gt-x is a must have as Well as the 2013.exo3 rebel.

dirites says:

@NORDSTRAND83 Just in time, was going to buy the rackets this weekend! thanks. going for the dunlop now

Gustavo Iriburo says:

Good afternoon, does anyone know where I could get this model? Thank you

pdhsports says:

hard to say, the Dunlop rackets have a unique feel and are great for control, the Prince has a very different feel, the racket head comes through very quickly helping you achieve more power.

suhaibalik says:

you look like a pro by the way you hit the ball. Nice!

crouchingchicken007 says:

Just my word on prince vs dunlop top of range rackets, I have an O3 speedport black, this exo3 rebel.. as Well as biomimetic ultimate and pro gt-x 130 .. prince are durable just make sure you get them from a reliable source.. got first speedport black off eBay, first time on court Nick wall and top tip cracked… 4 months later broke.. luckily got replacement at local prince shop.. and I have hit it countless times against wall ground and glass .. it only has paint scratches…

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