Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600 Squash Racket Ramy Ashour Review by

New review of Ramy Ashour’s Prince Squash Racket for 2016 by


Spanktastic1989 says:

I think there’s a real demand for racket reviews on YouTube, and PDH seem to be the only one who does them consistently that I’ve found, however I wish they were more objective. There is no way one guy likes every single racket on offer, it’s just not possible, and at the end of the reviews it’s always this racket is great, come and buy it from our store.
I’ve heard numerous people say dunlops have terrible vibration (something I’ve experienced first hand), I’ve heard numerous people say princes rackets are fragile and easy to break, again something I’ve had loads of experience with using the pro beast 750. Would be nice if these videos were longer and followed a set format, maybe analysing power/feel/control/vibration/weight/balance etc and rather than just the same conclusion on every racket, would be nice to hear this guys genuine opinion as someone who clearly plays a lot of squash

Martijn Eerland says:

Hello all and pdhsport,I am also interested how the new Prince Textreme Pro Warrior 600 compares to the Technifibre Dynergy 125 AP. Has anybody played with and/or experienced both as of yet?Currently I am playing with the Technifibre Carboflex 125S and before have had the Technifibre Suprem 130 (which is until now one of my favourites).Looking forward to all comments.

Driving Junkie says:

I currently have two Prince 03 Black Speedport Special Edition squash rackets. I liek these but my primary one broke so am looking for a new primary racket and use the other as a backup. How does this one compare to the Textreme Pro Beast Powerbite 750 Squash Racket – 2016 and which one would be closest in terms of power/feel to the 03 black speedport?

Mohammad Shafik says:

I am looking for the new Dynamax string you mentioned but can’t find it anywhere. Where can we find it, and how does it rank against the 305+?

triancirc says:

i prefer the pro shark same weight and same balance but 14×15 string pattern compared to this one’s 16×17. Downside is strings tear faster

Popflyer123 says:

Thanks, but do you prefer this one over the new Tecnifbre Dynergy 125? If so, why?


singlereed says:

I have tried both the Carboflex 125S and the Prince Ramy racket, having been a longtime user of Prince, most recently a Pro Beast. I found the Carboflex feels vague – the pickup is great, though and I got back balls I hadn’t expected to. The Ramy racket took a while to get used to and I had to have it restrung as the factory strings were so loose. Having persevered with it, it now feels like ‘my’ racket and it has much more feedback than the Carboflex. I haven’t found it especially easy to get lots of power with either of them but the Ramy racket is my friend at the moment.

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