Squash : Is this Ramy’s best single game of squash ever?

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SBose says:

pretty sure this is the most viewed squash match/game on YouTube

dawah2tawheed khan says:

No he isn’t the best, if he faced Jahangir or jansher, he would have no chance

David Josiah says:

fast and furious

Cee Note says:

I had no idea this game was as difficult as it is ~~ I need to play!!!

Ahmed Abou-Shaaban says:

That Egyptian magician, what a legend!
The British invented the game and the Egyptians mastered it!

Austin Fahrenheit says:

Squash fans, You might as well argue with me because you know you have no friends and nothing better to do.

Faraz Chaudhry says:

Squash is one of the best game in the world. Wish more people knew the importance of this game. If you play other games you remain fit but for squash, you need to be fit first.

Galimah says:

wow what a weird, weird sport. Theoretically they could play for hours without one point won

Master says:

Ramys back hand tho is on fire

ame7272 says:

1:40 that’s just brilliant…he’s like Roger Federer in Tennis.

Jonathan 916 says:

What an incredible shame Ramy can’t stay healthy enough to have performances like this more often.  He just skipped HK with an injury, gave up at the World Open with an injury, and retired from the US Open with an injury.  And this has been happening for years.  If this guy could just stay healthy, I shudder to think of the number of titles he’d have won by now.  Hope he can lick this injury bug eventually.

D Brett says:

Best player I’ve ever seen…..FACT

Angel Arroyo says:

el el 8-s saca unas cosas increibles

Keddie Valerio says:

The commentators are really awesome.

Mats9121 says:

Anyone else come to this thinking they were standing on the wall in the thumbnail??

Nicola Bush says:

he’s sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love squash

Aqib Nawaz says:

Squash is a Pakistan .Pakistan many time world champion like jahangir Khan and janshir

bobby mckee says:

What’s going on

Peter Eedy says:

I have played, coached and refereed Squash for around 50 years (yep, I’m an old fart). In that time, I have had the pleasure of watching many of the greats playing live: Geoff Hunt, Jonah Barrington, Rod Martin and Rod Eyles and the imperious Jansher Khan (but sadly, not Jehangir).
Statistically, Jansher and Jehangir are clearly the GOATS (‘greatest of all time’) of Squash — followed closely by Hunt, Barrington, Hashim and a few others — but for me, despite his smaller trophy cabinet (probably attributable to his chronic hamstring problem), Ramy Ashour is probably, in absolute terms, the best player ever (despite me not seeing him play live).
Jehangir and Jansher had unbelievable playing and retrieving skills, but Ramy also has those skills, and an additional very important skill — he sees the ball *very* early and volleys much more than they did (they seemed content to pick many balls off the back wall).
Unfortunately, we can’t really compare players from different eras properly, but for me Ramy is the GOAT — even if you disagree with that, you might agree he is the most exciting and entertaining player — and a great sportsman!
BTW — I’m from Australia, so no rose-coloured glasses here!

Jad Dabah says:

Ramy Ashour is again number one in the world of squash.

StrokeMyCrossiant says:

0:54 stroke, idiot

Earthed says:

A best game of squash would involve some sort of challenge to overcome in my opinion

Duel MasterBlaze says:

Bring this RAMY Back

rashi chaudhary says:

yes, i think so

Mody Love says:

Egypt In Squash Like Brazil In Football …. This Is The Truth

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