Which squash racket is best for power 2014 2015? New speed test by PDHSports.com

We test 13 of our bestselling squash rackets for power using a speed gun on court. We hit ten shots with each of the following rackets and recorded the best score with each as shown
1. HEAD Graphene Cyano 135 – 144mph
2. Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 – 141mph
3. Black Knight Element PSX – 137mph
4. Dunlop Biomimetic Revelation 135 – 136mph
=5. HEAD Graphene Xenon 145 – 135mph
=5. Prince Pro Beast 750 – 135mph
7. Karakal Tec Gel 120 – 133mph
8. Prince EX03 Pro Rebel 950 – 131mph
9. Harrow Custom Spark – 123mph
10. Tecnifibre Suprem 130 – 119mph
11. Wilson Whip 145 – 112 mph
12. Dunlop Evolution 130 – 109 mph
13. Head Graphene Xenon 135 – 105mph

For the test we used a Dunlop double dot Pro squash ball.


bdique says:

Why do I have a feeling that this will become a regular feature here

woojan says:

cant really take this test to serious..Difference in strings and tension would have alot to say, the person hitting getting tired, also I can see he still has the protective plastic cover on some of the racket grips.

muradzainal says:

I use PRO SHARK POWERBITE and its powerful for me than using dunlop I love my racquet. In this december I also having a tornement…..ummmmmm I guess it was Redton. I’m 10 years old and I’m from Malaysia. I am Malay people.

Kevin Cheung says:

Paul what racket do u use and own?


In my opinion, it’s a tecnifibre 125 kickstep tour 🙂 it really gives me a ton of power when I play!

Duel MasterBlaze says:

Cameron Pilley should have a go! 175mph

Keith From Chute says:

Nice test Paul, it’s interesting to see your results. I noticed that the flight of the ball was quite different for some of the rackets, I thought at first that this was just that you hit some lower than others but when you hit the Harrow, for instance, every shot appeared low above the tin and had less variation. When you did the test, did some racket seem to hit the ball higher and if so did that have an impact on consistency?

Neale Jones says:

why dont you do a top gear style “stars with a reasonably priced racket?”

James Gooding says:

I can’t tell what to go for between the Head cyano 115 and 135? currently using the old Head Cyano youtek 115 is it worth getting the new graphene 115 or the 135?!

songhak hwang says:

thanks for the video.i m just the beginer and i want to know which racquet is better between head nano ti 120 and prince a lite 135 power strung

Alan Taffinder says:

lol! Rackets may make a marginal difference in power of shot, it comes down to technique and string tension more than anything else…

Juwon Adejuwon says:

From the list, which are the head light rackets.

Duel MasterBlaze says:

Another factor is what strings each one used and the lbs used

Duel MasterBlaze says:

Would love to see this

Kevin Cheung says:

What is your personal racket

Hugh Davison says:

Hi Paul, when I did kart racing many years ago, no one shared knowledge or tips – it was hard luck if one didn’t know stuff and there was no internet. It’s really superb in that you want to spend so much time sharing your knowledge – thx vm for that !

As returning improver at 58yrs old I have only ever used ‘old’ technology. I’d be interested to know if you as a pro can actually feel the pace difference? Thx .. Hughie.

Kareem Bibi says:

Great video… The strings are a big factor in the power though. The Tecnifibres have an unfair advantage as they ship with Tecnifibre strings. The Black Knights used to come with Ashaway strings, not sure if it’s still the case. The other brands ship with very mediocre strings. A true test would be to have all the rackets with the same strings, but that would be unfeasible! Good effort anyway and much appreciated!
I use a Dunlop Biomimetic Ultimate with the red Tecnifibre strings. A control racket which doesn’t skimp on power either…

jasmeet puri says:

Need your help. I play with Tecnifibre Carbonflex Basltek Multiaxil 125 ( Yellow and black ). After 60 to 90 minutes  of play each day, I feel sore on my wrist / sometimes my forearm. But playing every day for 6 days I get pain on the outside of my wrist and need to take a day’s break atleast.
My questions : Is this normal or do I need to get the racket restrung or is there a problem with my grip ?
You have not reviewed Head Graphene XT Cyano 135, I just bought it. Whats your take on it ?
Thanks a ton !
my id is : jazz.sinemetu@gmail.com

Jillian Lilico says:

My racket

Steve May says:

Hi there interesting test. I use the Prince Warrior which has been discontinued, is there another Prince racket apart from the rebel and the pro beast that would generate similar power to the Warrior?

crouchingchicken007 says:

The head 115 is not the most powerful racquet on market. It is just lighter and head light. The fact that you are able to swing it faster due to the balance does not make your shot most powerful. The fastest racquet under the speed gun should’ve been the pro rebel. The technology and balance should have given it a fair margin above any other racquets. But don’t kill me now. And thanks Paul for the informative video. I see you were enjoying it too.

courtney burke says:

ive just changed to the harrow vapor racket and its one of the most powerful rackets i have used

TheXkofix says:

Hi. Which Tecnifibre racket has more power? Denergy 117 or carboflex 125?

splitaxis says:

So I hate to break it to everyone but this test is pointless because of the different strings that come with the racquets.

If you are judging “out of the box” then ok but that’s silly.

If you take the “slowest” and adjust the tension and strings and it will be “faster” than the fastest here.

If this shows anything it is a test of strings and tension.

Jillian Lilico says:

My mom is the under 45 champion of the carribbean

akula1055 says:

Nice test !! I did some research in internet and found a very comprehensive table with all rackets, the result was that the Head Graphene 115 is the most powerful racket in the market. 

Scy says:

I’m a bit of a Dunlop fan, what racket do you suggest for being Head Light, under 130 grams and have a large “sweetspot” for power?

Duel MasterBlaze says:

I wanna do this speed test myself!

Siddhant Rewari says:

Hi, I have just bought a Head Xenon 120 for my 9 year old son. The racquet has apparently just been launched in February. The racquet does seem to have good amount of power. Wanted your opinion on the racquet especially for a 9 year old who has been playing for over 2 years. He was earlier playing with a Tecnifibre Dynergy 117 which he broke in 3 months. How  is the Head Xenon 120 for control? There are no reviews available for this racquet anywhere online as yet . Thanks

charlie ramsey says:

I think Head and Dunlop rackets are quite powerful because I’ve got a Head Cyano 115 and I’m quite a hard hitter anyway and It’s so head light and powerful I love It, And the Dunlop Is even more powerful that’s the Biomimetic PRO GTS 140 with Powernick strings In and It’s got so much power, 🙂

Jillian Lilico says:

I got a random 110 pound head racket

Kenneth Tsang says:

I have head cyano 120

Duel MasterBlaze says:

I am thinking of going for a Dunlop evolution 130 but I am not completely sure. I am a junior player, surprisingly earlier today I broke my racket and it’s always in the same place. On the frame, on the side., does anyone know why? Plus I would if thought the evolution 139 had more power

Jillian Lilico says:

She would love this review

Jillian Lilico says:

Also the racket is on there prince pro rebel 950

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