Which squash rackets offer the most power? Racket review by PDHSports.com

We compared the Tecnifibre Carboflex 125, HEAD Graphene Cyano 115, Dunlop Evolution 130, Karakal SN90 and Prince EXO3 Pro Tour squash rackets for power in the latest racket review by PDHSports.com


courtney burke says:

I would say the dunlop felt the more powerful than the technfibre 125 and i had the same technifibre strings as the 125 but i guess its mearly preference and swing technique.

Have you/will you be doing a review of the eye rackets i quite like the brand but unsure which 1 to go for?

nusman says:

how does the Prince Exo Warrior compare to these rackets?

Faisal Hussain says:

Hi Paul,

I appreciate this is an old video, if you had to estimate, where would you put the Wilson Hyper Hammer 125 PH in this line-up?

pdhsports says:

thanks for the comments

Alan Taffinder says:

A lower String tension offers power, but it’s mostly down to your natural ability to hit the ball hard

Kuok Wai Sit says:

Hello all, How about the racket ” Dunlop Biomimetic Pro GT-X 130″, Any comments of this racket?

Popflyer123 says:

Nice, I have 3 Carbolflex 130’s, 2 that are over 3 years old with lots of scrapes from skinning the walls but have never broken. I recently bought a Carboflex 125 and found it could react quicker to a more faced paced game but I found it too light for my taste and sold it to a friend recently. I found I can get a little more power with the 130 with less effort than the 125 – maybe because of the different Tecnifibre strings, I’m not sure. Either way, good racquets and they take a beating.

Jason Savell says:

It’s not all about power. Most modern rackets generate more than enough power. It’s more technique. I was always told go for the racket that feels right in your hand!

Woody says:

How are the Technifibre Carboflex 130 & 140 compared to the 125 when it comes to power? I need a racket at about 135. Right now playing with Prince airstick 140 elite and that’s lovely. just looking to the future in case I break this one, and I;m really intrigued by Technifibre. Thanks!

Woody says:

Nice reviews by the way. Really helpfull! keep it cool PDH!

Humayun K. Kathuria says:

What about that small ball attached to the Dunlop racket? Shouldn’t it be removed before play?

GamerWiseTv says:

IM a beginner and i want to long lasting and has power,and my budget is aroung 90$ whih should i buy?

Raphaël Baril says:

I have a Head graphene cyano 135 with tecnifibre strings at 27.5 lbs, never had a racquet that powerful. My squash partner has a carboflex 125 and It’s also a very powerful racquet but I still think the head 135 has an edge.

pdhsports says:

Hi – We found the Carboflex 125 the most powerful and it also won our overall power test a couple of weeks ago (see our youtube video on this)

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