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http://bit.ly/2zu8Iy3 Intermediate and advanced players looking for a solid payer’s racquet with impressive power should like this update to the Radical Pro. Built with Graphene Touch, this stick has a distinctively low-vibration response (think muted). Like the previous generation, this racquet has a Dynamic String Pattern, which optimizes the spacing of the center main strings […]

#tenniswarehouse #headtennis #Sharapova Head Graphene 360 Instinct MP Tennis Racquet Review Endorsed by Maria Sharapova, this racquet offers easy power and feel. Quick, spin-friendly and a great option for players looking to take their game to the next level. Take a closer look to see what our team of playtesters thought of this update…and if […]

Get the Extreme Pro here: https://www.tennisexpress.com/head-graphene-360-extreme-pro-tennis-racquet-70628 HEAD brings their new and improved Graphene 360 technology to the HEAD Extreme Pro. Graphene 360 improves stability and energy transfer for more power and increased ball speed. The center 6 main strings use enlarged SPIN grommets to open up the sweet spot and punish your opponent with devastating […]

Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP Tennis Racquet Review Loaded with power and spin, this update features Head’s Graphene 360 technology for stability and feel. 🇺🇸 Extreme MP at TW: http://bit.ly/2zxucdt 🇪🇺 Extreme MP at TWE: https://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com/descpage-H360EM.html 🇦🇺 Extreme MP at TO: https://www.tennisonly.com.au/descpage-H360EM.html ➤Playtester Profiles: http://bit.ly/2P4Ca4i ➤Tennis Warehouse: https://www.tennis-warehouse.com// ➤Tennis Warehouse Europe: http://www.tenniswarehouse-europe.com ➤Tennis Only: http://www.tennisonly.com.au […]

Head Graphene 360 Extreme Pro Tennis Racquet Review Spin, power and speed! See what the Tennis Warehouse playtest team thought of this update… The heaviest member of the Extreme family, this racquet is hefty enough for redirecting heavy pace or driving the ball through the court. 🇺🇸 Extreme Pro at TW: http://bit.ly/2JK9IDl 🇦🇺 Extreme Pro […]

http://bit.ly/2hURnGW Intermediate and advanced players looking for a player’s racquet with a solid feel and controllable power should like this update to the Radical MP. Built with Graphene Touch, the Radical MP not only benefits from Head’s polarized weight system, but it is also comes with Kraibon, which has exceptional dampening properties. The upshot is […]

Find the HEAD Extreme and all your tennis gear here: https://www.tennisexpress.com/head-graphene-360-extreme-mp-tennis-racquet-70626 HEAD brings their new and improved Graphene 360 technology to the HEAD Extreme MP. Graphene 360 improves stability and energy transfer for more power and increased ball speed. The center 6 main strings use enlarged SPIN grommets to open up the sweet spot and […]

http://www.stringersworld.com/ A video review of the Head Graphene XT Speed MP Tennis Racket, from the racquet sport specialist Stringers’ World. Taking the Speed MP to the next level the Graphene XT Speed MP gives you more power whilst retaining the control. This racket has a great balance of power, stability, control and spin. The 16×19 […]

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed S Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express http://www.tennisexpress.com/head-graphene-touch-speed-s-tennis-racquet-52586 The HEAD Graphene Touch Speed S has been completely redesigned from the ground up for this latest reincarnation of the Speed family. It continues their use of Graphene – the world’s lightest and strongest material – in the racquet shaft. The Graphene Touch […]

Head Graphene 360 Speed MP Global Racquet Review Endorsed by Alex Zverev, this update has more spin and power! Speedy, stable and explosive our team takes the new Graphene 360 Speed MP around the world for a playtest! Check out what our playtesters around the world have to say about this fast swinging racquet! In […]

Head Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet Review Endorsed by Novak Djokovic, the Speed Pro is faster than ever! With updated string spacing, Graphene 360 and a new beam thickness, our team took this racquet to the courts to see what it had to offer. Modern speed and classic control come together. Watch the full […]

Review of the new HEAD Radical squash rackets. In part one we look at the HEAD Graphene Touch Radical 120 SB and 135 SB squash rackets. In this review we are also trying to give the club player perspective. We’d love to hear your feedback.

Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro Tennis Racket Review! What’s up guys welcome to a review of the Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro. The new update to the ever so famous Radical Pro tennis rackets from Head, this Graphene Touch option gives players the same type of feel with a little more pop. Head Graphene Touch […]

https://www.tennisexpress.com/head-graphene-touch-radical-mp-tennis-racquet-62059 https://www.tennisexpress.com/head-tennis-racquets The Head Graphene Touch Radical MP Tennis Racquet is a versatile weapon for player seeking the optimal combination of power and control. The innovative technology of Graphene Touch allows for improved shock absorption, while not compromising the power and control. At 10.4oz (unstrung), it comes in half an ounce lighter than its Pro […]

A preview of the new HEAD Graphene XT Xenon 135 squash racket (Laura Massaro’s new squash racket) launching soon at pdhsports.com

In this tennis review we compare the NEW HEAD Graphene Touch Radical Pro and Graphene Touch Speed Pro Tennis Racket. Both these rackets are available from PDHSports.com

NEW Playtest of the bestselling Tecnifibre Carboflex 125S v the new HEAD Graphene Touch Speed 120 Slimbody. In this comparative squash racket review, we examine how these two rackets perform, looking specifically at power, manoeuvrability, touch and weight. Watch PDHSports’ latest squash racket review here now.

http://bit.ly/XTRadMP With their revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern, Head adds some serious spin to one of the game’s great modern player’s racquets. This updated version of the Radical Midplus features interchangeable grommets at 3 and 9 o’clock, allowing the player to select a 16×19 string pattern or a 16×16 string pattern (for added bite and extra […]

New squash racket review of the HEAD Graphene XT Xenon 120 and 135 Slimbody rackets http://www.pdhsports.com/s?q=slimbody

http://bit.ly/HeadXTRadPro The heaviest member of the Radical family gets updated with the next generation of Graphene – an ultra light material used in the throat so that weight can be redistributed to the grip and tip. The result is a fast swinging racquet that delivers even easier access to power than its predecessor. Ideally suited […]

http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Head_YOUTEK_Graphene_Speed_Pro/descpageRCHEAD-HGSPRO.html Novak Djokovic’s racquet of choice, the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed Pro replaces the IG Speed 18×20. Like its predecessor, this one has a tight 18×20 string pattern which supplies maximum directional control on every stroke. From the baseline the Graphene Speed Pro is perfect for aggressive play. The biggest swings exit the stringbed with […]

http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/descpage.html?PCODE=HGRP Despite being the heaviest member of the Radical family, the Head Radical Pro is anything but sluggish. This modern player’s racquet not only feels solid and extremely precise, but it whips through contact with surprising ease. The result is a stick that lets the player take massive cuts at the ball when applying pace […]

http://bit.ly/TWHeadRacs Head adds a softer, more flexible feel to the Head Speed Pro, a racquet that provides intermediate and advanced players with truly incredible control. This particular iteration has been updated with Graphene Touch technology, which combines Head’s polarized weight system with a soft and flexible material called Kraibon (which is used in the racquet’s […]

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