🌎 2019 Babolat Pure Aero Global Tennis Racquet Review

2019 Babolat Pure Aero Global Tennis Racquet Review

Endorsed by Rafa Nadal, this modern player’s racquet is one of the best options available for aggressive players looking to dominate the court with pace and spin.

Loaded with power and spin, it is ideal for intermediate and advanced players.

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2019 Babolat Pure Aero Global Tennis Racquet Review

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rod87 says:

RA 67?? I think it was 71

Šimon Hrbáček says:

Is it more powerful then the previos one? Or yonex vcore?

Blandon Tennis says:

I kind of like the last generation’s paint job more. This yellow is a little too muted and mustard for me.

TheTomas_YT says:

Is there Any difference between lite versions 2019-2016?

ThePaul Steezo says:

The color is as ugly as homemade sin what is wrong with Babolat?

feistybastard says:

I like the look of the new Aero — really over neon anything — as it hearkens back to the older versions. I didn’t like the most recent neon green Aero so much that I am very hesitant to try this one. I loved the APD. I don’t like the hoop shape/profile of the Aero that’s being replaced. I find it very unstable up at the net. Fine for banging from the baseline. I am a big fan of the Pure Drive update, and I have a feeling this Aero update is not going to change my mind.

SpongeBob SquarePants says:

It’s the same shit but more expensive. I’m keeping my old pure aeros

Pure Flux says:

Which one do you recommend for an all-court 4.0 player? Babolat Pure Aero or Yonex DR100?

RossBayCult says:

Will there be a tour version?

Inumina Sagashi says:

This racquet literally looks like a hazmat suit

Arthur Bubu says:

when can we buy it? when does it ship out for european customers?

Pablo Espana says:

Chris: how would you compare it to your Tecnifibre TFlash PS? Still your racket of choice over this one?

Gavla Tennis says:

Those Aussie courts look amazing. Great weather too.

Devin Blackburn says:

How would this racket compare to the current Pure Strike 16×19? Great review as always!

Vaseus says:

So its the same racket…………just 100x uglier XD !!! Whoever chose that colour is blind as a bat!!

Patrick Mpalanyi says:

Does it still have coretech? I don’t want to change from my Babolat aeropro 2013 because I love the feel of the racket and cortech, is it similar to the 2013?

Tony Nguyen says:

What would be the key differences between the Pure Drive and the new Pure Aero?

T K says:

well, the hardiest question what are the big differences between Aero 2016 vs new Aero 2019 ? not about the specs but in the court 🙂

Randall Livingston says:

All rackets are made by one or two manufacturers. There’s no difference except price.

Oscar Pons says:

I’m a big fan of the Babolat Aero Pro Drive Original, the first version of them all (2004/2005 version). Actually, it has been my racket of choice for many many years. However, i have never liked the following versions of the Babolat Aero Pro Drive rackets. I don’t like the Cortex, they feel too stiff, and the balance and maneuverability of the new versions always feel really different to the original one. Is this new version more similar to the APD Original or is it more or less like the 2013 APD version?

Nathan Larkin says:

To let you know it is a new racquet, it has more topspin than the last Pure Aero check the TW Website and how the scored the racquet.


Vansh Agarwal says:

what kind of courts are those in australia. Not hardcourt?

Dani says:

Hey TW why did you gave the new pure aero 86 overall and the previous one 88 when you say that the new one is better?

Tennis Ack says:

Will the VS come out for the Pure Aero again?

Jerome Bauer says:

Which one does have more power the old pure aero or the new one and which one does have more spin? Thanks

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