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Babolat Project #One7 Tennis Racket Review by Top Tennis Training coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky.
The racket feels like a combination between the strike and drive frames and it looks like that was the idea behind the design,
This racket will be released in the coming months so look out for it.

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Jeffrey Lin says:

Interesting take on the racket, guys! Good to hear what you thought of it. I also playtested the racket, and because of the low weight, it felt very low powered and not much stability for me. But of course I’m not as good of players as you both, so for you, probably any racket feels good. After I modified the racket heavier, it felt much more stable, with a good amount of power. #ProjectOne7

Nilton Costa says:

traduzir Português

Dariel Correa Amador says:

Name of the music? Keep it up!!

SLiCe3000 says:

whats the name of the music ?

Debra Burns says:

can you review the Wilson burn ls please

Hieu Doan Trung says:

Hello Simon, you rated 8 for the control of the racquet. What made you came up with that point? and from your experience what racquet has the best control? Thanks

Mr Funtasty says:

Same strings pattern and lenght of the pure control or strike? Simon probably needs a bigger sweet spot (;D) even if his style worth a 9, classy as usual.

Nicolas Cloet says:

Got a problem with the course and sent a mail for it could you pls check it out

Paulo Costa says:


readhaspenguins says:

how did you get your hands on the projectone7?

patricklouismariano says:

babolat finally reveals that this is the new pure strike. check out thiem’s instagram

Irving Montalvo says:

are your gonna review the 18×20 version?

krakou2 says:

a bit of roasting can’t hurt

TheLegendAliveGaming says:

What do you think about the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph?
Great video as usual 🙂

Simon Thomas Paterson says:

could you do some string reviews please

Felipe Ortiz says:

how do you become endorsed by babolat?!

CrazyOBunny says:

Your videos improve all the time, great work guys. And this racket seems really good !

Gavla Tennis says:

One thing you guys should do is a video for physical conditioning and training for tennis showing all the exercises, stretches etc. Big gap there.

FedFan73 says:

What’s with the super annoying background music? Sounds like one of the Chipmunks on infinite loop.

Jordan Persaud says:

Near the bottom of the head of the racket, mine says ‘HYBRIDE frame technology’ is that a misspelling meaning that my racket is fake or does yours say that too?

Joshua Villasanta says:

definitely a control oriented but it seems light? I mean it might be around 300 g but it by the way you played with it it looks like the weight is on handle or headlight I mean. but let’s find out after bab release it.

pr4nk5tr says:

seems like the purestrike wasn’t that popular. personally I found it’s weight distribution too polarized. does this have more weight in the throat?

abhinand1000 says:

I’m guessing this review is a little bit biased because Alex seems to be sponsored by Babolat based on his gear. I’m going to wait and see what others say 😛

Sam Hung says:

How abt Yonex dr 98 blue version? plx

Jonathan Hong says:


Juanmaf16 says:

great as always

Ramon Vaz says:

When will be the realese of Babolat Project One7 ?

Simon Thomas Paterson says:

what are the specs guy? weight, head size, head light, swing weight. what strings did you use and at what tension? thanks

Tim Kim says:

Spin potential?

51Dss says:

did the project racket come to you already strung? It would be helpful and interesting to know about how the racket was strung for your test. Type, gauge, tension, string pattern…

Muhammad Yasser Sukarno says:

pure strike 16×19 305’gram? or pure strike 100′ 300 gram?…:-)

Jonn Abshire says:

you guys like the music? It is so repetitive and distracting

jimmy gutierrez says:

hi guys. I have the Rafa nadal raquets. would you recommend me to buy this new raquets you present or to keep the raquets I have?
I used to have the rodick raquets. I think the puré drive.

Bat says:

How would you compare it to Pure Aero?

Papayapartytime says:

really love the awesome music guys, and as always great video.

Javi M10 says:

this raquet or Pure Drive plus ?

NotSo Average says:

Like the idea of racket reviews but please mention specs next time. However im very happy to have found your channel, scrolled the web all weekend looking for some proper instruction and there are so many chnnels with “coaches” who cant play for shit

Filip 123 says:

Cheers guys, I have one question for Alex… Since you play with Babolat Pure Drive, and then hit with this ProjectOne7 racquet, I was wondering if you could write your thoughts about differences between those two. I play with Pure Drive, and planning to buy ProjectOne7, what are pros and cons of each racquet. and differences between them in terms of spin, power, accuracy, feel… Cheers guys, keep up good work!

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Great video guys!

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Alex, though you describe the One7 brilliantly, 1st Pure Strike vs the newer, which has more flex? More power (not forgiveness but pop)? More directional control?

Jo e says:

hi guys,
i just discovered your channel today
did you do any other racket reviews?
what do you think about the spin and what was your string tension at your playtest?

keep going on guys 😉
you got some very nice clips

Raphaël says:

Actually i’d give a 10 out of 10 about colors because I hate all those racquets with so much colors on it it’s like a baby is painting on all of them. Also great video thank you guys for always posting such quality content on your channel.

Chris Li says:

Hi Alex, how did this racket feel on your one hander?

Bilderbuch Typ says:

Good Review! But the background music 😉

wallykung says:

the paint job makes it look like the kind of the cheap rackets you can get in a local supermarket….

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