Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket Review – Top Tennis Training

Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racket Review by Top Tennis Training.
In this video Top Tennis Training coaches Simon Konov and Alex Slabinsky review in depth the Babolat Pure Aero tennis racket.
This racket is incredibly powerful and gives very high levels of spin yet has very good control. A great tennis racket for baseline players who play with aggressive topspin and for big servers who want more pop on their serve.

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G CS says:

Is this the 2018 version of the Aero or the newly released 2019?

Luke Patten says:

Am I right in assuming this isn’t the best racket for doubles players

sushruth ravishankar says:

Hi Simon. Are u going to consider switching to the babolat from the dunlop

quinby123 says:

I think Bolelli is the only ATP pro with a 1HB who plays with this racket.

MC Hammer says:

Hey mates, a general question. Do you have merchandise things like tops or sweaters? It would be great to promote you here in Germany

SpinDr DMV says:

I use the third iteration of this – need to try this one out! Such a comprehensive review!! Great hitting gents!

louis says:

I have the “old” pure aero. Do you know if there is a huge difference?

Top Tennis Training - Pro Tennis Lessons says:

We are very happy to announce we’ll be doing many more racket reviews in 2019 with our new partners Pro Direct Tennis.
Click this link for more details on this racket –

luckysteerroper says:

What were your strings and tensions?

fir3buster says:

Please can you make a comparison between pure aero and pure strike 16×19?

Sebastian Riege says:

Nice Video, more off this content please!

Jayson Waddell says:

nice looking slice, Simon

Sapient Budgie says:

Alex, what is your string set up? Tension? Your backhand is glorious. Motivates me every time I see you hit.

JorgeAndresCoppiano. says:

Simon, how could I contact Alex for his thoughts on the Pro Staff 97 vs Blade 98 (16×19)? Does he reply here through the TTT youtube?

Shimassi says:

Appreciate this maybe a difficult question to answer, but any idea how this would compare to a Pro Staff 97S?

sushruth ravishankar says:

I’ve noticed the Wilson Burn and the Babolat pure aero are very similar ackets from the two makes, with similar features. Would u be able to make a comparison of both rackets in one video , as to what’s better for want ( I.e control ,power, feel ) and then give it overall verdict on what racket u would recommend that would suit for various playing styles. Thanks

Jerome Bauer says:

Hey, how does this new version compare to the old one in terms of spin and power? Thanks and great review.

von von says:

As a junior im always focusing on net clearance, deep heavy balls always pushing my opponent for a mistake. I have been having trouble generating easy depth, heavy spin and net clearance of around 3-5 feet. Alex however seems to have much less net clearance sometimes but still gets depth. Why would you ever play with lower clearance as its low percentage? Unless your opponent is able to take high balls well? Thanks so much, love you guys!

Antonio Morales says:

hello TTT i was wondering if you guys could make a video on improving racket head speed? Thanks and happy holidays!

Joaquín Alcalde says:

Please can you make a video about the yonex 98 (lime green)?

Shubham says:

Can u please recommend me which one to choose as the best overall racquet(serves,return,slice,..everything). Should I go for babolat pure aero 2019 or head graphene 360 speed pro?
Thanks a lot for uploading such great videos!

Piolo 2013 says:

What is rhe weight of the raquet??

郭騏緯 says:

Great video guys.Would you test the new Head extreme pro in the future?

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